July 20, 2024

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SINISTRAL KING – Premiere New Song

SINISTRAL KING have unleashed the title track to their upcoming debut album, “Serpent Uncoiling”, which is slated to be released via Vendetta Records on April 24th.

Check out “Serpent Uncoiling” above.

“Sinistral King is a new formation that only began to take shape in 2018, but its members are not newcomers to the dark musical arts of death and black metal which form the backbone of this new band’s music, because Sinistral King‘s line-up features members of Unlight (Germany), Triumph of Death (Swizterland), and Vredehammer (Norway). But while each of the members brought their own experiences and influences to this new endeavor, they have not been confined by them, but have also integrated other stylistic ingredients into their songwriting and execution, which is richly displayed on their debut album, Serpent Uncoiling. This new record consists of five significant tracks, each of which creates dramatic contrasts yet also draws all the differing movements together in unifying ways that manifest pitch-black occult darkness. Their success in doing so is vividly displayed by the album’s title track, which we’re premiering today in advance of the album’s release by Vendetta Records on April 24th.” – No Clean Singing