June 21, 2024

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FOLLOW THE CIPHER – Announce New Drummer

FOLLOW THE CIPHER are currently working on the songwriting for their second studio album, which is scheduled to be released in the second half of 2020. Now the band announces the departure of their drummer Karl Löfgren.

Karl Löfgren commented: “After some long consideration, I decided that I will not be the drummer for Follow The Cipher anymore. There’s no bad blood behind this decision, it’s just that we have different goals with our musicianship. I love playing drums, but doing it at a professional level with extensive touring and big visual concepts isn’t for me anymore. Happiness for me is playing double bass drums in a sweaty rehearsal room, doing a gig here and there at the local pub and since the end of July when my beautiful son was born, it’s also hanging out with him and my awesome fiancée. Follow The Cipher deserves to take it to the next level and to do so, they need a drummer that gives it a 100% and loves everything that FTC stands for. With that said, I love the whole crew and I will probably continue to do some work behind the scenes with Vlogs, drum tech work and more.

“To end this message, I would like to thank Ken, Viko, Linda & Jonas for all the good times we have had on and off stage, it has for sure been an overwhelming ride. Last but definitely not least would I like to thank everyone that has showed up to our shows, bought our music & merch, joined us at the merchandise booth after the shows, bought & made us gifts and freakin tattooed Follow The Cipher art on your bodies. YOU ARE FOR SURE AN AWESOME GROUP OF PEOPLE!

“Follow The Cipher has already found the new drummer that will bring the band to the next level, so I now pass the torch to the mighty Daniel Sjögren. Give him your warmest welcome!”

Daniel Sjögren adds: “It is with great pleasure and high expectations that I step into the role as the new drummer of Follow The Cipher! Actually, as some of you might know, I was a member of the band when it all started. However certain circumstances led to an early departure. Anyway, I’ve been following the band‘s journey through the years and I also got the pleasure to tour with them. I absolutely love the music and being able to play songs live, that took their first breaths while I was still around, filled my heart with joy. That combined with masterpieces created by some of the best songwriters around was such an honour and a great experience! I can’t wait to hit the road with the guys once again!

“I would like to take the opportunity to wish Kalle all the best in the future! Him and I have been good friends for many years and we’ve kind of followed in each other’s footsteps. He’s a great guy and a killer drummer! I feel very humble about taking on the project he left and I hope to do so in the best way I possibly can.

“Also a huge thanks to Linda, Ken, Viko, and Jonas for giving me the opportunity to once again be a part of the Cipher Army – see you on the road!“