June 21, 2024

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BLOODLET – Debut New Song

BLOODLET have a new two-track EP titled “Viper In Hand” due on Translation Loss Records. The album will be their first ‘proper’ release since 2002 and is slated to arrive digitally on December 20th. A 10″ etched vinyl pressing will follow on January 17th. The title track is currently available to stream now over at Decibel. The band’s vocalist Scott Angelacos had the following to say of this latest track:

“The song is about summoning Astaroth, the Duke of Hell, in an attempt to manipulate him to destroy perceived enemies. We end up summoning the unholy trinity… It ends horribly like most of our songs.”

As for the band’s plans for new material, he stated:

“We have actually been locked in the studio for most of the past year throwing riffs around trying to find new Bloodlet songs. ‘Viper…‘ came together quickly and I think it really captures where we are right now. I’m stoked it’s the first new song to come out.”