June 22, 2024

TheMetalDen.com: Over 100 Million Organic Impressions On Facebook In 2023!


Den Headz, are you ready to get jamming with a new episode of The Rocket Report? Listen to a KISS bootleg from their June/2019 Moscow, Russia concert PLUS learn new information concerning Jeffrey Epstein, Chris Cornell and #PIZZAGATE!! Check it out down below!

THE ROCKET REPORT – New Episode: 45 minutes

Rocket comments:

“This 45 minute long episode is going to rock your world. There is no way to deny the jamming good vibes thrown down with this report, including new music from Hed PE, plus rare audio of Chris Cornell discussing religion, and so much more!!”

Whether he is shocking the world with his infamous hoax articles, or slamming down the hottest remixes and mashups, Rocket is always cranking out the latest METAL news with more passion than anyone else around!