June 13, 2024

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PLAGUE YEARS – Sign With eOne Music

PLAGUE YEARS have announced that they’ve signed a worldwide deal with eOne Music. The band’s current plans have them heading into Elaire Studios with Nick Morris to track their new album for the label. A release later this year is expected with further details still to come.

In the meantime, the band’s latest EP, “Unholy Infestation“, will soon be made available on vinyl in the coming weeks.

The bludgeoning power of Plague Years stands tall on “Outer Darkness” and “Aeon of the Serpent”. Hell, every fucking song on this EP kicks ass. The caustic vocals, crushing guitars, punishing drums, and burly bass come together in a fantastic mix given this is an independent release. Plague Years does a marvelous job of mixing up the pace with high-speed charging riffs balanced by slower paced skull smashers. The music dares you not to head bang. There is no point in resisting, just let it fly.

Unholy Infestation by Plague Years incites the need within every metalhead to thrash. This EP conjures up all that you love about fist clenching thrash metal music. Explosive rhythms, caustic vocals, and flesh searing guitars invigorate the amygdala and elevate the listener into a state of teeth gnashing bliss. Grab some friends, throw them around the room, and let the power swell of Plague Years wash you free of all your rage and pain.