June 18, 2024

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ROCKET – Celebrates His 49th Birthday Today!

Legendary rock journalist, Randy “Rocket” Cody, turns 49 years old today.

Whether he is rocking us with the latest news in metal, fooling people with sensational hoaxes, posting his own slamming remixes/mashups or exposing legit corruption in Washington DC, there is no doubt that Rocket is the world’s most widely published reporter in the history of the internet!!

Having been published at over 100+ news publications over the past 2 years alone, Rocket’s independent journalism has been viewed by over a billion readers!!!

Rocket’s writing has been circulated via newspapers, the internet, the radio and word of mouth around the world, establishing himself as the most dominant news personality in rock music today.

Rocket comments:

“Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! It’s wild to think that I am halfway to 98!! LOL My lovely wife, Hope, and I are going to spend time together today with our beloved pets, Ginger, Cosmo, Domino and Sylvester. Nothing beats being surrounded by your loved ones. Thank God I lived this long because I was a pretty crazy dude when I was younger who made a lot of foolish mistakes and I did not really respect life that much. I have done a lot of growing up, and look forward to being around for many more years to come!”

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