April 14, 2024

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Finnish death grind act CUMBEAST have unleashed “Gore Zoo” album in 2019, and it is easily one of the best studio records I have heard so far this year. They remind me a lot of my late friend Tyson’s band DOWNSPELL. This band truly incorporates the PANTERA groove metal style into their overall sound.

On lead vocals is Iiro Kosonen, going under the stage moniker “Cumshot Iriot”, and he is joined by Rob O’Cock on guitar, along with Fleshpipe Mike on drums. The chaos kicks off with the brutal “Cocktopus”, followed by “Chickencage of Terror.” Up next is the blazing hot “Nocturnal Disembowelment” and “Sarcofuck.” The punishing delivery continues with “Rhino Rampage” and “Autobahn Brutality” that absolutely slayed my ears, concluding with “Colon Colonized” and “Jungle Bells” (Hostile Ape Posse, part 3). Very rarely do I hand out a perfect score to death metal bands, but this group certainly deserves that kind of recognition.


CUMBEAST – “Gore Zoo”

(Rotten Roll Rex/ 2019)

1. Cocktopus 04:18

2. Chickencage of Terror 03:43

3. Nocturnal Disembowlment 04:25

4. Sarcofuck 03:25

5. Rhino Rampage 03:50

6. Autobahn Brutality 04:34

7. Colon Colonized 03:39

8. Jungle Bells (Hostile Ape Posse, part 3) 04:21