June 22, 2024

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EDDIE VAN HALEN – To Announce Retirement

Sad news for VAN HALEN fans. Speculation had been rife that legendary guitarist, Eddie Van Halen, was considering walking away from jamming for good. It was confirmed by a source last night that Eddie will announce his retirement from music, at age 64, with immediate effect.

“Being a guitarist isn’t fun anymore”

“As we get older, there are phases of life that we enter into, and being a guitarist just isn’t fun anymore,” Eddie said, according to a source close to the band who remained anonymous. Other reports hinted that he may branch out into other creative fields he is better at, though they didn’t provide any details.

Fans were hopeful that VAN HALEN were going to reunite the original lineup for an epic worldwide arena tour, but that appears to have been a hoax pushed by radio DJ Eddie Trunk.


For a little while on Friday evening, #ThankYouEddie was a trending hashtag on Twitter. As many fans reminisce and look back on all the unforgettable memories of Van Halen (Yes, even the ones with Sammy), some may wonder what about now made him make the decision.

“You’ve accomplished everything I ever dreamed of #ThankYouEddie.”
— @DesireePlum, 29 Mar 2019

“Didn’t Eddie Van Halen retire about 3 years ago?” — @samy2love, 29 Mar 2019

“Thank God we don’t have to listen to David Lee Roth sing live anymore.”#ThankYouEddie
-@nestor4you, 29 Mar 2019

Source: MM