March 3, 2024

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METALLICA – To Release “Biggest Load” In 2020

METALLICA drummer, Lars Ulrich, leaked out some big news on social media. On his Instagram account yesterday, Lars posted a cryptic message that indicated the mighty METALLICA is confirming they are indeed working on a new album.

The message, containing a black graphic in the shape of a 5 point polygon with the statement ‘Load 3’ on it, is accompanied by the following message from Lars:

Gaga… The Biggest Load… Coming In 2020!

Can The World Seriously Handle Another Load?

The posting was pulled down after thousands of fans began to comment in a frenzy. Apparently, their excitement for new music with the Pop Diva can no longer be suppressed.

A photo was leaked earlier this year via the online Metallica forum which clearly shows Lady Gaga standing outside a recording studio with a mystery man some believed to be Lars Ulrich.

Load album was released in 1996. Reload was released the next year in 1997.

“She likes to push the boundaries like we do.”

– Metallica on Lady Gaga

While those two records are the least favorite amid their massive fan base, it seems Lars is convinced he can make it work this time, by adding the world’s biggest pop star as a second vocalist.

In 2017, the media was duped into believing that Lady Gaga was going to record on the next METALLICA album (to release in 2019). The hoax definitely captured the world’s imagination. While a future collaboration between the two music giants was never denied by Lars, who is the leader of the band (his words, not ours), many did not truly expect Gaga to really join the band.

“The White Album” title from the 2017 hoax which features a giant semen stain on the mock cover artwork, was not far off the mark, since both load albums depict blood and semen mixed together as art.

“Those album covers are my favorites,” admits Lars Ulrich, who himself is a major art collector.

NME site ran a new article last month, and in it mentioned that Kirk Hammett was the joker responsible for the 2017 Gaga hoax, but that he knew everyone would forgive him once the real announcement was made.

Looking at their disastrous Grammy awards performance where they had the microphone fail in front of millions, there is certainly some apprehension among diehard fans that a girl in a high powered metal band simply will not be successful.

Lars and his band mates defended Gaga, insisting she is already considered the “5th member of Metallica.”