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ROCKET REVIEW: “The Dirt” (Movie)

The Low Budget Netflix Romp Is A Smash Success!

After watching the trailer for the long awaited Mötley Crüe biopic, I was not initially impressed. Couple that with the fact that they did not even get The Dirt into the movie theaters also got me to thinking that this was going to turn out to be a low budget stinker released straight to DVD. While they certainly were never going to compete with QUEEN’s film that won the Oscar for best actor, I feel the Crue has delivered a slamming good flick. Although it definitely has its ups and downs, just like each band member once they achieved international rock stardom in the late eighties, the overall production is actually top notch and a must see for fans of the band and rock music in general. Director Jeff Tremaine (Jackass) hit this one out of the ballpark.

Is there a better way to start a rock movie than with a woman squirting 5+ feet?

I grew up in Los Angeles and was a huge Crue fan as an impressionable twelve year old who played Dungeons and Dragons. This not only includes buying every Crue record the day it was released but going out to the concerts too, and having a great time with my friends. My favorite album and concert was Shout At The Devil held at the Santa Monica Civic center, then second choice after that is Dr. Feelgood at The Forum. The Crue were without a doubt the premiere glam metal band of their day, but what a lot of people don’t know is that bassist Nikki Sixx first played in a band in Hollywood called London with the legendary vocalist/rhythm guitarist Blackie Lawless, who would go on to form one of the most epic glam metal bands ever, W.A.S.P..

Nikki Sixx, the chief songwriter of Motley Crue, claims the band was misunderstood, and labeled as a group that worshiped Satan, In fact, they changed “Shout At The Devil”… it was originally titled “Shout With The Devil,” but the band knew to take it to the top they would have to appease the mainstream bible thumpers at that time.

Did you know that a production person working on The Dirt movie was seriously injured on 3/11 2018 and they had to be rushed to the hospital after being electrocuted?

(3 multiplied by 11 is 33, which is the most important number to the freemasons and Pagan devil worshipers. In numerology the ’18’ of 2018 also splits into 3 – 6’s)

3 represents the holy trinity.

There are some eerie hidden occult references planted throughout the film that I will point out. Is it just a coincidence that some Motley-like chaos happened on that specific date? I think not.

ROCKET REVIEW: “The Dirt” (Movie)


Perfect Score!

The one thing that puzzled me to start about the film (besides the totally unnecessary & raunchy beyond belief 5 foot vaginal squirt provided by one of the band’s groupies) is that they did not properly explain the origin of how the Crue truly achieved success, as they were in full competition with W.A.S.P in the early days. Motley was notorious for stealing their persona and stage moves. The Crue ultimately hit the big time… while W.A.S.P. was left to play much smaller venues and eat their dust. It would have been great to see Blackie Lawless properly depicted like they included Ozzy, who snorts ants by the poolside. For them to leave out such an important figure in L.A. metal history (who was a big part of their story too) is ludicrous, and I can only think it was done to spite Blackie.

That being said, the cast of generally unknown actors (to me, I never heard of 3/4 of them until now) who were selected to play Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, Mick Mars and Tommy Lee, were absolutely incredible to watch perform as the band I grew up idolizing. Rapper Machine Gun Kelly (born Colson Baker) is a revelation. He masterfully delivered better than anyone else as the tall, goofy acting drumming God who married Hollywood hottie, Heather Locklear, and dreamed of one day flying over the crowd while playing on his drum kit. Kelly is a naturally gifted performer. It seems totally effortless for him, and like playing Tommy was no big deal, when in fact, most actors would have over played the part. Without him in this role, I believe this project would have totally bombed.

There are some obvious Illuminati symbols to push Agenda 21 used throughout the movie, just like they hit us with in Bohemian Rhapsody… (remember seeing the stage roadie wearing the masonic ring?)

“I do not look like Jeff Spicoli!”

Hell, in one scene, you see the dude who is portraying Vince Neil wearing a Skull n Bones logo on his t shirt. The secret society that counts both George Bush Sr. and Jr. among its membership.

Bottom line, for anyone to say that the Crue did not make a deal with Lucifer to attain their outrageous success, is totally delusional and a liar. Just like any other elite person in society who belongs to a lodge or coven, rock greats are no different. In my humble opinion, it would have been even cooler to see a bit more of that ‘dark’ side of the band, like the time when Nikki Sixx was playing with a ouija board and a couple knives somehow flung against the wall off his living room table, becoming embedded.

Douglas Booth as Nikki Sixx, Mötley Crüe’s bassist

Iwan Rheon as Mick Mars, Mötley Crüe’s guitarist

Colson Baker as Tommy Lee, Mötley Crüe’s drummer

Daniel Webber as Vince Neil, Mötley Crüe’s lead vocalist