April 18, 2024

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The GREAT WHITE Mass Sacrifice: 20 Years Later

When a Satanic coven hatches a plan against society to stage a “false flag” event, there is a ton of coordination that goes on within these ‘secret clubs’ they have sprung from, such as the Freemasons and the Hellfire Club. 

On February 20, 2003, 100 concert-goers lost their lives needlessly after a purposefully set fire broke out in The Station nightclub in Rhode Island, where an additional 200+ people were badly burned and injured.

I have decided to open my own independent death investigation for the matter, to dig deeper into the charred aftermath, in hopes of getting to the truth. After preliminary research, I have determined that signs now point to the Station Nightclub Fire being a covert black mass sacrifice that was carried out by the Illuminati controlled New World Order.

I believe I can prove that my theory is absolutely on the mark, and after this special 3 part report concludes, I think readers all around the world will come to a better understanding of what really happened that tragic night 15 years ago.

Fans will recall I investigated another nightclub concert tragedy that happened the very next year in 2004, where legendary PANTERA guitarist, Dimebag Darrell Abbott, 38, lost his life in what I learned was a “false flag” shooting massacre, along with several others victims, during a purported shooting rampage while he jammed in his new band project called DAMAGEPLAN. In the obtained audio (since banned by YouTube) from that tragic event, the listener can clearly hear the emcee for the gig shout out:

“For the Lamb of God, here they are… DAMAGEPLAN!”

Did you know that a security guard working for GREAT WHITE band actively kept people from being able to use a rear exit during the fire? The sad truth is these frightened and terrified club goers were turned away from a potential escape. Why? They were told the back exit was for the band to use only. So what happened in essence, is everybody panicked and began to trample their way toward the main entrance where they were blocked from being able to get out to safety. This is only one part of the sadistic plan these psychopaths who were indeed behind the carnage executed to make sure a lot of people died for Satan. 

Believe it or not, they actually had a cameraman there to film the entire tragedy for posterity sake. The mainstream news claimed he was there to shoot a “fire safety” video. But the evidence now shows, that while he filmed these people slowly dying, the masonic death trap and the club owners used premeditation in the mass slaughter ritual, and that pertains specifically to deadly foam that was installed in the club that would help the fire grow out of control quickly and emit toxic smoke.

As the story goes, some elaborate pyrotechnics from GREAT WHITE band while performing on stage ignited nearby the  walls and low ceilings and immediately the fire spread without any kind of containment. Yes, that’s right… not one person from the event staff made a move to throw any water on the raging blaze, or use a fire extinguisher, which all commercial establishments are typically bound by fire codes to keep hanging up on the wall for such a thing. Yet, the inferno exploded with intensity so fast that within 5 minutes dozens of innocent lives were already snuffed out.

A fire safety blog details the mayhem:

“Immediately, more than two-thirds of the 400-plus individuals in attendance turned and started for the main entrance. But the intensity of the flames and smoke caused the crowd to panic and surge forward, everyone pushing for the front door. Individuals fell, causing others to fall and, in less than 90 seconds, the front door was hopelessly blocked.”

It was known that the Station did not have a sprinkler system. A man named Charles McGrevy posted this shocking ‘post fire’ analysis:

“On 27 June 2000, (one of the alleged co-conspirators), Michael Derdian, co- owner of the club, purchased twenty five sheets of sound proofing foam.  
The foam was two and a half inches thick.  It was made of polyurethane and is generally used for packing material.  The cost of the foam was $575.00.  The foam that was purchased was not fire retardant.  Fire retardant foam would have cost twice the purchase amount.  For $1,150.00 the fire retardant foam could have been purchased.  (Providence Journal, 28 Feb 03). “

“Extinguishers were located in the structure; however, they weren’t located convenient to where the fire started.” 

A True Survivor:
Joe Kinan 

Pictured above is Joe Kinan. He survived the 2003 Station Nightclub Fire. Although horribly burned all over his body, he most recently brought a new daughter into the world, named Hadley, in 2014. Joe’s girlfriend, Karla, died that night with 99 other people.

In this heartbreaking 3 part thesis for my theory of the human atrocities committed by the parties involved during the GREAT WHITE sacrifice, music fans are going to have their faces melted off by the brutal facts.

Was it an accident or did something more sinister occur that night? Prepare for the unexpected!

 The forthcoming part 2 of this report will expose the lies and corruption once and for all, concluding with part 3’s forensic dissertation that will further prove premeditation existed in this tragedy .