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THE TITANIC SACRIFICE: Was It Doomed From The Start?

THE TITANIC SACRIFICE: Was It Doomed From The Start?

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

(part 1 of a 3 part report)

Each year, hard rock and heavy metal fans flock to board various cruise ships all around the world to celebrate their love for the best music on the planet. On these luxury cruise ships, people get to enjoy their favorite bands jamming on the deck right in front of them while the crashing waves of the sea fills the background.

Now Dave Mustaine’s legendary MEGADETH band is joining the parade with the inaugural Megacruise set to launch in 2019, along with the long running 70,000 Tons Of Metal cruise that sets sail annually to some of the most tropical locations imaginable.

Back in the year 1912, the RMS Titanic set sail on its maiden voyage… only to hit disaster, when the largest ship of its time purportedly crashed into a iceberg and sunk, killing over 1,500 people.

What I am about to expose my readers to is an in-depth occult investigation into the direct connection that Britain, the Black Queen (the MK Ultra name given to your royal highness), and the Illuminati has with the Titanic, once touted as unsinkable… dropping like a dead weight to the bottom of the ocean.

What if the ship was intentionally sabotaged? Is it possible the RMS Titanic was a perfectly staged false flag event that effectively served as a giant SACRIFICE RITUAL for the Illuminati?

When one thinks back to the Titanic’s band who continued playing music for the screaming passengers while it sank into oblivion, you can’t help but be amazed at the human misery that was induced from the epic catastrophe… where at the same time a moment of poignancy played out as beautiful music oddly serenaded those who were going to meet their end.

Yes, it’s time for the Titanic conspiracy theory… so bring some dramamine because the horrifying truth is going to make many of you become literally dizzy as if sea sick, just like all of those scared women and children who I believe were offered up to Satan over 106 years ago.

In this three part report, with the help of some trusted researchers, I will investigate the matter like nobody else has done before. I will take my readers to the bottom of the ocean, studying the facts in the case to attempt to bring proper closure to the matter.

A lot of good people died on the RMS Titanic, including hundreds of innocent little kids. It’s time we get the victims of this human atrocity a little justice finally by telling the truth about what really happened.

Hollywood pushed a totally fictional narrative. Now I am going to pull back the curtain of false reality and bring you all a little bit closer to Jesus Christ. Like cinema’s “Willing Suspension of Disbelief” which must be willingly achieved for the film watcher to believe what they are seeing… literally billions of people today do not see the truth that is right before them… for they are sadly exposed to a never ending loop of lies, deception and trickery delivered by Satan and his evil minions of the New World Order.

Our Lord is very upset with the way his people are being savagely murdered by Jesuits involved in the diabolical secret society called freemasonry. Maybe it’s time some of you who think everything you read on the internet is fake news until your government says it’s not, will finally awaken from your deep sleep.

On the other hand, those who walk the Left Hand Path will definitely enjoy my extensively rich with horrific details account of the doomed luxury ship… because, trust me… this is as ugly as it gets.

Believe it or not, in the year 2022 it’s said that the Titanic 2 will make her maiden voyage. No, this is not a hoax.

Did you know that very recently it has been revealed that the HMS Titanic was built by Freemasons?

AboveTopSecret site details the massive game of trickery:

“In 1910, seven men met on Jekyll island just off the coast of Georgia to plan the Federal Reserve Bank. Nelson Aldrich and Frank Vanderclip represented the Rockefeller (Illuminati) financial empire. Henry Davidson, Charles Norton and Benjamin Strong represented J.P. Morgan (Illuminati). Paul Warburg (Illuminati) represented the Rothschilds (Illuminati) Banking dynasty of Europe. The Rothschilds were the banking agents for the Jesuits and hold `the key to the wealth of the Roman Catholic Church.'”

“According to theorists, the plan for the Federal Reserve was set in motion, but experienced some opposition to its creation. Three of the richest people in the world opposed the Federal Reserve in the United States because they knew the repercussions of a private institution dictating the monetary trends within the country. These people were Benjamin Guggenheim, Isa Strauss, and Jacob Astor; all of which were aboard the Titanic when it sank.”

Point blank, the captain of the Titanic and J.P. Morgan were both Jesuits.

Not buying it? Well, let’s look at a survivor’s statement, shall we? It will help those stuck in ‘La La Land’ to snap back to the real world.

“As one of the “passengers” was describing how he was woken up in the middle of the night by the eerie silence of the ship, he decided to go on deck to see what was going on and figure out why the engines weren’t running. As he left his room, he described how the corridors were like a labyrinth. Each floor was vastly different than all the others. He stated how he got lost each day going to and from his sleeping quarters even after being on the ship for a few days. He mentioned how it took him several minutes to find his way to the ship’s deck and how frustrating it was for him… not even the crew knew their way around the maze-like corridors.”

Another ‘as real as it comes’ story about passengers on the sacrifice vessel will make your skin crawl:

“Maria and George loved the Titanic with its endless maze of corridors and staircases, and so many rooms to explore. Anna, on the other hand, was extremely nervous about her children getting lost in the steerage labyrinth, and rightfully so – the Titanic, a ship physically designed to keep the rich from ever meeting up with the poor, was a jungle of locked iron gates and dead-end corridors meant to separate the third class from the upper classes. Although not intentionally designed to be a safety hazard, the irrational design of the third-class areas was undoubtedly a vital factor in the amount of steerage lives lost.”

Researcher Sandra Barr takes us further down the rabbit hole, by pointing out important dates. Pay close attention, this will have more significance later as my report details the link between Satanic Rituals and false flags, just as I proved to everyone in my recent JACK THE RIPPER report, where for the first time in history I suggest Dr. Frederick Treves of Royal London Hospital, along with Britain’s Tavistock Institute were the ones behind the carnage. If one knows their history, they understand that THE BEATLES were backed by Tavistock and that is who helped the once totally unknown rock act from Liverpool stage their seemingly miraculous rise to international stardom.

31st March 1909 construction of the Titanic began at Harland and Wolff dockyard in Belfast.

31st of May 1911, at precisely 12.13pm the Titanic left the Harland and Wolff docks in Belfast.

31st May 2011 exactly 100 years after the Titanic’s launch, a single flare was fired over Belfast’s docklands, crowds assembled and applauded, and boats in the area sounded their horns, this lasted exactly 62 seconds, which is the length of time it took the Titanic to roll down the slipway.

This was an act of COMMEMORATION by those who took part.

10th April 1912 the Titanic left Southampton on its maiden voyage to New York.

14th April 1912 (SUNday) in the North Atlantic travelling at high speed despite the Captain being given Ice warnings, the ship hit a huge Iceberg.

15th April 1912 (MONday, MOONday) the Titanic sank, 1517 people died.

“The men of Belfast put blood, sweat and tears into the building of this great ship, during its construction 6 men died on the ship itself, and another 2 died in the workshops. 28 men suffered “serious” injuries such as lost and crushed limbs.”

The designer of the ship Thomas Andrews in a bizarre twist of fate would himself perish on the doomed Titanic. What really happened? Why did such a supposedly perfectly built ship go down so easy? Why weren’t more people saved?

On April 19, 1912, it’s said his father received a telegram from his mother’s cousin, who had spoken with survivors in New York: “INTERVIEW TITANIC’S OFFICERS. ALL UNANIMOUS THAT ANDREWS HEROIC UNTO DEATH, THINKING ONLY SAFETY OTHERS. EXTEND HEARTFELT SYMPATHY TO ALL.”

Today stands what is called Titanic Belfast. It is a visitor attraction that opened in 2012, and serves as a monument to Belfast’s “maritime heritage on the site of the former Harland & Wolff shipyard in the city’s Titanic Quarter where the RMS Titanic was built.”

My research informed me that Ireland is the epicenter for Satanic Rituals in the world. The legendary secret soceity that I believe spawned Jack The Ripper and Benjamin Franklin was the original home of the infamous Hellfire Club, where Babylonian Black magick was the favorite practice for the elite of the day.

I have determined that Jack The Ripper was birthed out of a sadistic sex club with elite members of society, including the man who discovered electricity. It’s said that the club of deviants disbanded well before The Ripper murders. I proved that is a lie and in fact they are still around today, mainly all throughout America.

An online occult expert explains how the timing around when the Titanic sank coincides with one of the most demonic times on the Satanic calendar:

“For thirteen days, between April 19 to May 1, the Black Magick practitioners will celebrate the “Blood Sacrifice to the Beast.” The high day is April 19 when across the globe human sacrifices are required by the covens. An even more auspicious celebration day is Beltane, or May 1 (May-Day with the May Pole phallic dance) as the second holiest day on the calendars of the occult next to Halloween.”

“It was also on May 1, 1776 in Bavaria that Adam Weishaupt founded the Order of the Illuminati, and it was May 1st when the ancient Druids honored their great Sun God and Goddess with an uninhibited festival complete with initiations, sex orgies, drunken revelry, and human sacrifice(just like the Hellfire club). The May pole and the circle ritual conducted around it symbolized the male phallus, the regenerative organ of the Sun God.” [Texe Marrs, Circle of Intrigue, p. 230]”

Beyond a shadow of doubt, when this dissertation is completed I believe readers will be both stunned and absolutely mortified by the truth in the Titanic matter. You will have the same panicky feelings each desperate passenger felt once they learned the unsinkable Goliath was indeed going down and would roughly ‘snuff out’ three quarters of the lives on board.

“The Titanic was the biggest ship ever made in its day, and it was with immense pride that the people of Belfast said farewell to it as it left the Irish shores. It was waved goodbye like it was a favorite son leaving home. Over a 100,00 people waved it off. When the sinking of the Titanic was reported back in Belfast, people were grief stricken, people the world over were shocked and grieved, but for the people of Belfast, they felt every pain imaginable, they created this ship, they loved it, they were proud of it, and it was the vehicle that took 1517 people to a cold watery grave. The sinking of the Titanic left an indelible scar on Belfast and its people.”

According to the Daily Telegraph, a secret list containing the names of two million Freemasons may have revealed an inquiry into the sinking of the Titanic was influenced by the organization.

The archives, published by genealogy site Ancestry, reveal many people involved in a British investigation into the tragedy, including the judge who oversaw the inquiry, its leading investigators and the chairman of the ship’s parent company, participated in Masonic activity, The Daily Telegraph reports.

A woman named Diane Clements, who is director of the Library and Museum of Freemasonry, told The Telegraph: “The records demonstrate the extensive involvement which freemasons have had in British society.

Unusual Encounters site takes us down a bit deeper intot the murky water, examining one man who was a famed journalist of his day who plays an instrumental role in the mystery of the Titanic.

As it turns out, located on the banks of the Thames in London, England there is a bronze monument to William Thomas Stead (5 July 1849 – 15 April 1912), an is itself the twin of an ‘identical monument’ in Central Park, New York.

“Stead was an English journalist and editor who is considered to be the pioneer of investigative journalism and the father of the tabloid. Stead is most famously known for using investigative journalism techniques to publicize the plight of young girls who were at times sold into servitude abroad, and Stead’s work supported a government bill trying to raise the age of consent from 13 to 16 (commonly known as the “Stead Act”). What is less known about Stead is that he had an interest in spiritualism and psychic research and in 1893 he founded a short lived spiritualist publication call “Borderland”. During the lifetime of the publication Stead frequently claimed to be in receipt of messages from the spirit world, from dead American journalist Julia Ames. Stead also had an assistant editor (Ada Goodrich Freer) with whom he claimed to regularly communicate with by telepathy and automatic writing.”

The world of the occult rears its gruesome head, for Mr. Stead was knee deep in the practice of witchcraft. But even more freaky is that he too was one of the victims of the tragic Titanic maiden voyage.

Pictured: Titanic Victim WT Stead (William Thomas Stead)

“Perhaps before the advent of “Borderland” Stead had already been dabbling with the spirit world and had had a glimmer of what his future held. In 1886 Stead published an article entitled “How the Mail Steamer went down in Mid Atlantic by a Survivor”, in which a steamer collides with another ship resulting in a high death toll due to lack of lifeboats. Then in 1892 Stead published a story called “From the Old World to the New”, in which a ship rescues survivors of another ship that had had the misfortune of colliding with an iceberg. Unsurprisingly Stead was of course himself one of the victims of the Titanic disaster in 1912!”

Just when you thought #Pizzagate, the purported fictional child killing scandal, finally went away… it eerily finds its way into this revealing tale of Mr. Stead and the Titanic sacrifice. If you recall, Hillary Clinton’s right hand man, John Podesta, was found to have some creepy pedophile code words in his leaked emails a couple years back, where words like cheese pizza are said to represent child porn and sex with minors.

“Controversy surrounded Stead in 1885 when he published The Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon. His text exposed criminal vice and specifically child prostitution. An an almost immediate consequence of his revelations was the ressurection of the dormant Criminal Law Amendment Act which raised the age of consent to sixteen. However, Stead had failed to secure evidence to protect him from prosecution and, as a result of a civil indictment, he was jailed for three months. Widely vilified by the British press and public as a peddler in pornography, Stead received much support from influential reformers including Cardinal Manning, the Bishop of London (Dr Temple), and Lord Shaftsbury.”