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THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM – Who Was Jack The Ripper?

THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM – Who Was Jack The Ripper?

(This report originally posted on August 20, 2018)

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

(part 4 of a 4 part report)

“…the Ripper’s endurance is also due to an extraordinary collision of fact and
fiction… the real story of the Ripper was infused from the start with elements
from folklore, Gothic fiction, melodrama, and the sensation novel. These elements
ensured that the story of the Whitechapel Murders would be remembered and retold
for years to come and that the Ripper would outlive his crimes and his era as a
character of legend…”

– Victor Stapleton

My epic four-part Jack The Ripper investigative report now concludes with what is essentially the closing argument that the appointed judge and presiding members of the court would have heard back over 130 years ago, were the real culprit brought to justice. There has been a lot of different suspects scrutinized over the past 13 decades in concern with The Ripper murders.

Let me clarify for people who simply do not know the facts. H.H. Holmes was not anywhere near Whitechapel, London in 1888. There is no way he is Jack the Ripper. And point blank, Holmes was only convicted of 1 murder. He claimed to have killed many, but most were proven phony.

Other potential names I looked into, while many such as Holmes certainly have similar traits to the man, I feel is without a doubt now the primary suspect, the fact is there was only one man from a logistics standpoint on those cold, rainy nights in late 1888 who could have pulled off the murders in Whitechapel.

That person is irrefutably Dr. Frederick Treves, late head surgeon at Royal London Hospital.

I have confirmed he was on location at the hospital when police used it as a makeshift coroner’s office to bring the first two victims for examination with Scotland Yard. No motor vehicles were available to the public yet, and there was only horse drawn carriage during those days and service did not operate during the 3am hour when the first slaying of Polly Nichols happened on August 31, 1888, in inclement weather. Nor was there any other type of public transport.

The Royal London Hospital was literally less than 2 minutes walking distance from where the first two homicides happened.

This is crucial because it allowed Dr. Treves to get the organs he removed from his victims ‘on ice’ quickly for preservation back at Royal London Hospital.

I also pointed out that the only dismemberment kit that was available to anyone within a square mile radius near the crimes was indeed located at the Royal London Hospital.

The Coram knife was a plant, staged by the police to throw people off the track of Dr. Treves. The man who says he found it claims that a dozen people were around the immediate area when he spotted it. My assertion is that if Jack left no other evidence of his being at the scene, such as gloves or anything that could have been dropped, then why would he leave behind his knife?

No, the blades that The Ripper used could only come from a medical institution… and that means Royal London Hospital is where the weapons used in the Whitechapel slayings originated.

It all finally adds up. Think about it. You are all witnessing history, for I am the first investigator to catch Jack The Ripper. I established collusion between Dr. Treves and Scotland Yard, along with a racist accusation made by the lead investigator that hijacked any real search for truth.

My theory for why Jack The Ripper took the organs from his victims is elementary. He did this so that he and other members of the coven could consume it as part of a Satanic Ritual, where pieces of the dead women’s flesh would have been passed around for each devil worshiper to eat. Jack most likely had a way to gather blood as well, so they could drink that for life force energy.

No doubt the records don’t lie. Dr. Treves in 1888 performed the very first ‘appendectomy’ surgery in the world, during the same exact year 5 prostitutes walking around the same city streets he would have walked when going to enjoy a drink at Ten Bells Pub, for example.

Ironically enough, The pub is mentioned in the 1999 graphic novel From Hell, about Jack the Ripper, by admitted Satanist, Alan Moore and artist Eddie Campbell. The 2001 film adaptation From Hell features the iconic pub, which includes a scene that depicts Johnny Depp (as Inspector Abberline) having a drink with the last Ripper victim Mary Kelly.

What is the first name of Depp’s character in the film? Frederick.

The predictive programming in movies used by the Illuminati and its coven members, whom are some of the finest actors, presenters, writers, artists and musicians, is done to put the truth right out in the open, although buried by a never ending deceptive charade so that the masses don’t actually figure out the puzzle.

I submitted all earlier parts of this report to each major London newspaper over the past month, including The Guardian and not one of them even responded to me, let alone posted my work for the public to read. What did they do instead? They are pushing a totally bogus theory that a woman committed the 5 murders.

The is completely preposterous and fully indicates that they are part of the cover up. For me, it absolutely verifies that my work is right on target and England is wearing egg on its face due to me solving the legendary murder spree. The embarrassment my work causes is too extraordinary for anyone who lives in Great Britain to admit I am correct.

Royal vampires date back a very long time actually, starting with Vlad The Impaler. He is the figure who purportedly the horror legend Dracula is based off of. Actor Gary Oldman portrayed ‘Count Dracul’ in the film Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The synopsis for the acclaimed movie begins with the following words:

“In 1462, Vlad Dracula, a member of the Order of the Dragon…”

My research informed me that this is not make believe stuff… it’s very real. Blood thirsty individuals have been stalking this realm we all share since the dawn of creation.

The Royal London Hospital Museum is located in the crypt of a former church, St. Augustine with St. Philips, in the hospital grounds, and inside the museum is a display for Jack The Ripper, among the artifacts is the infamous “From Hell” letter that was supposedly sent to the Scotland Yard by the murderer.

Satanic rituals most always take place inside a chapel… and there is a reason for that.

A Satanic Ritual Abuse survivor Fiona Barnett details how she witnessed a VIP ritual murder where a pregnant woman was gutted from below her sternum all the way down to her pubic area. The attacks that Jack The Ripper launched on 5 innocent women in 1888 are identical. She speaks of how they removed the baby, then drained its blood into chalices and then they chopped the baby up into pieces and ate it among the elite coven for communion.

A clip is available below via YouTube that covers a talk she gave to the public that covered the horrifying event.

“Bathurst, October 6, 1985. A ritual performed under the banner of “The Order of the Eagle”. VIP’s present were, Richie Benaud (BBC, Australian News Personality & His Birthday), Kim Beazley Senior (Politician), Bruce Spence (Actor), John Avery (Head of NSW Police at the time), and other notable people.”

Just like in the #Pizzagate scandal, a major mainstream news “cover up” in The Ripper slayings was carried out by the Illuminati way back in 1888, by using disinformation tactics and planting purported suspect letters.

As the story goes, Jimmy Savile was a famous British radio host and personality who was found to have carried out heinous acts of human atrocity on patients in a hospital he was associated with. Again, just like in The Ripper case, someone that people trusted, used that charm to lure them in.

A London based lifestyle blog details the carnage:

“An official letter was sent to Central News Agency two weeks later signed by Jack the Ripper, a name which would turn the unknown man into a world-famous legend. Three days later, he committed two murders in one hour. At 1am the body of Elizabeth Stride is found in Berner Street off of Commercial Road. And a short 45 minutes later, Catherine Eddowes was discovered in Mitre Square in the City of London. Over a month went by before he took another life on November 9 1888. His final victim of the five was called Mary Jane Kelly. She was found in Dorset Street Spitalfields and is believed by many to be the last ever one.”

Pictured: 18th Century Sir William Blizzard Dismemberment Kit on Display at Royal London Hospital Museum

As I detailed in earlier segments of this investigative report, I believe that Dr. Treves’ background in war, where he specialized in amputating limbs in the field of battle, suggests that he is the only person with the skills in close quarters to operate as quickly and efficiently as he would have needed to on those 5 separate occurrences of horror back in 1888.

A Ripper expert helps us understand why someone with this kind of expertise enjoys stabbing his victims:

“There are two basic classifications for weapons used. Impersonal weapons could include guns, poisoning, ect. The killer wanted distance between him/her and the victim. Personal weapons could include strangulation, stabbing or a violent beating. Jack The Ripper had a need to be up close and personal with his victims. Stabbing his victims, the Ripper had a need to make close contact with these women.”

A Ripperologist takes us down the path to Hell:

“The cut throats were not only personal but practical also. From the autopsy reports that remain, the killer was most likely positioned behind his victims, however briefly. This rendered the victim voiceless due to the severing of the trachea. It was also a good method of avoiding arterial spray.”

I uncovered evidence that ties Dr. Treves to the scene of the crime with the only known dismemberment kit that would have been available in that immediate area, for it was not just any typical assortment of blades. This was highly sophisticated surgical grade cutting devices fitted with jagged edges to help when sawing body parts and successfully opening the women up so that he could remove their organs. 4 out of 5 of the victims were killed outside. It was raining in most cases, cold, dark and hard for someone to get around easily in due to the fact there would be no available transportation for the killer at that time in history.

SIR FREDERICK TREVES Medical practitioner – Date: 1853 – 1923

I believe the only logical explanation of how The Ripper pulled off these brutal crimes was with help from the elite Royal Satanic coven he belonged to that ultimately became the OTO with Aleister Crowley. These freemasons effectively work in the police departments all around the world and hold the highest-ranking status. This is done so that they always control the narrative and can pull off black op’s killings rooted in MK Ultra ‘Mind War’ tactics for the individual they worship, who is named Satan.

Many investigators, including myself, absolutely are convinced that it was a masonic backed operation… and Dr. Treves being at one time a high ranking official of the Red Cross speaks volumes about how powerful and well connected this man truly was.

Today Illuminati actors like Charlie “The Warlock” Sheen travel to London yearly to pay respects to Jack The Ripper.

Pictured: Mr. Sheen on a recent Ripper tour in Whitechapel

Late Occult hero Aleister Crowley actually wrote a dissertation on The Ripper case that is very telling:

“It is hardly one’s first, or even one’s hundredth guess, that the Victorian worthy in the case of Jack the Ripper was no less a person than Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. She has, however, never been unveiled to the unthinking multitude; very few, even of those who have followed her and studied her intently for years, have the key to that “Closed Palace of the King.”

“The Hermaphrodite Satanist: Madame Blavatsky’s Theosophical Subversion of Gender Categories and Christian Misogynist Mythology” was the subject of a presentation by Per Faxneld at the 4th Global Conference: Evil, Women and the Feminine held in Prague, May 6 to 8, 2012.

Mr. Faxneld’s paper was featured as part of the session A Different Monstrous Mother, which included papers on Lady Gaga and Lady Macbeth.

Faxneld, who holds a doctorate in research for the History of Religions at Stockholm University, Sweden, says:

“Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831–1891) was the chief ideologist of the Theosophical Society – around the turn of the century the most influential international movement in the realm of alternative spirituality. Her books sold hundreds of thousands of copies, and in 1889 the society had 227 sections all over the world. Theosophy can be considered part of a broad counterculture, which included socialists, vegetarians and feminists. While Blavatsky did not self-designate as a feminist, she nonetheless made several contributions to the feminist struggle. A celebration in her esoteric system of the “divine hermaphrodite”, along with an insistence on the uselessness of the soul, made it clear that in her opinion no individual ought to be subjugated because of what flesh their spirit was temporarily housed in. Her public rejection of “proper” Victorian womanhood – traveling extensively on her own, occasionally dressing up in men’s clothing, swearing and smoking profusely, reviling marriage – also helped destabilize gender categories. It has further been suggested she herself was a physical hermaphrodite, though this theory is mere speculation. Since Genesis 3 has traditionally been used in Christian culture to legitimize the subordination of woman (wicked Eve being the one to first eat of the forbidden fruit), Blavatsky’s counter-hegemonic reading has far-reaching implications. As will be demonstrated, some theosophist women incorporated Blavatsky’s Satanist Bible interpretation in their polemics against the Christian patriarchy, while others engaged in a feminizing of the cherished figure of Satan. Using Satan as a symbol of liberation in this manner was, the paper shows, an established part of many types of anti-clerical and progressive discourse at the time, and theosophical feminist Satanism thus becomes culturally logical in its specific political context.”

“Jack the ripper killed five prostitutes by cutting their throats in two places. After they were dead, he mutilated them by removing some of their organs. None of the Ripper’s victims were stripped of their clothes. The clothing was cut to allow access to the abdomens for the mutilation that followed. Except for the cutting and disarrangement, all victims were clothed with the exception of Mary Jane Kelly who was the only victim killed indoors. Kelly was in her underwear when murdered. Surprisingly, a full understanding of the Ripper’s modus operandi was not established until several years ago. The Whitechapel murderer and his victim stood facing each other. When she lifted her skirts, the victim’s hands were occupied and was then defenseless. The Ripper seized the women by their throats and strangled them until they were unconscious if not dead. The autopsies constantly revealed clear indications that the victims had been strangled. In the past some writers believed that the Ripper struck from behind when the victims were bent forward, their skirts hiked up their backsides while waiting to engage in anal sex.”

In the movie starring Johnny Depp titled “From Hell”, the masons put the truth right out in the open. The movie was based off a graphic novel by Alan Moore. As it turns out, Mr. Moore is an avowed occultist, ceremonial ‘black magick’ magician, and an anarchist, who is “into performing avant-garde spoken word occult “workings” with The Moon and Serpent Grand Egyptian Theatre of Marvels.”

As I mentioned earlier, “Predictive Programming” is used by the freemason-controlled news media and entertainment world.

The Tavistock Institute mastered the art of psychological warfare and they are actually located in London nearby Whitechapel and the Royal London Hospital and were associated with the Royal medical branch in her majesty’s military that Dr. Treves was fully associated with at that time.

The final victim Mary Kelly was the most gruesome. A Ripper historian sets the scene of real life macabre:

“The second thing he saw sent him running back to his employers’ office. McCarthy followed him back to Miller’s Court. He drew the curtain aside to see just what the office assistant had: a bloody corpse, mangled beyond recognition, with parts strewn all over the blood-soaked bed. McCarthy sent his assistant to find a constable, and Bowyer soon came across Inspector Walter Beck and Detective Walter Dew chatting on Commercial Street.”

“Another one. Jack the Ripper. Awful. Jack McCarthy sent me.”

“Bowyer could barely get the words out of his mouth. The officers followed him, observing the carnage through the broken window with queasy horror. They sent for Inspector Abberline, who was in charge of the Ripper Case. The Inspector arrived at 11:30 am and Dr. George Bagster Phillips, a police surgeon who had also responded to the murder of Annie Chapman, arrived around the same time. Rather than immediately break the door down, however, the officer and medical investigator had been instructed to wait for the arrival of two police bloodhounds, Burgho and Barnaby. Using dogs to sniff out murderers was a new and untested technique, but the Home Office of Scotland Yard had been eager to show the public that they were taking the Whitechapel murders seriously. The two-hour wait signaled a considerable breakdown in communication within the police force, though. A few weeks earlier, the dogs’ owner, a breeder named Edwin Brough, had reclaimed his hounds from the police when it became clear that Scotland Yard would neither be paying nor insuring him for their services. Nobody told this to Abberline, however, and in the interim two hours, he could do little more than block off Miller’s Court to pedestrians and wait.”

I believe the final victim was chosen solely on the number 13 being on the building where she was discovered dead.

The number 13 is very sacred to Satanists.

Another Ripper related site breaks down the horrific nightmare come to life:

“The body was lying naked in the middle of the bed, the shoulders flat, but the axis of the body inclined to the left side of the bed. The head was turned on the left cheek. The left arm was close to the body with the forearm flexed at a right angle & lying across the abdomen. the right arm was slightly abducted from the body & rested on the mattress, the elbow bent & the forearm supine with the fingers clenched.”

Name: Mary Jane Kelly

aka “Mary Jeanette Kelly”, “Ginger”, “Fair Emma”, or “Black Mary”

Canonical Victim #5

Date of Death: November 9, 1888; 13 Miller’s Court, Whitechapel

Pictured: An installation by Dave Allen recreating the infamous Jack the Ripper murder of Mary Jane Kelly, 1888.


“The legs were wide apart, the left thigh at right angles to the trunk & the right forming an obtuse angle with the pubes. The whole of the surface of the abdomen & thighs was removed & the abdominal Cavity emptied of its viscera. The breasts were cut off, the arms mutilated by several jagged wounds & the face hacked beyond recognition of the features. The tissues of the neck were severed all round down to the bone. The viscera were found in various parts viz: the uterus & Kidneys with one breast under the head, the other breast by the right foot, the Liver between the feet, the intestines by the right side & the spleen by the left side of the body. The flaps removed from the abdomen and thighs were on a table. The bed clothing at the right corner was saturated with blood, & on the floor beneath was a pool of blood covering about 2 feet square…The face was gashed in all directions the nose cheeks, eyebrows and ears being partly removed. The lips were blanched & cut by several incisions running obliquely down to the chin. There were also numerous cuts extending irregularly across all the features.”

In the first part of this report, I posed the possibility that “The Elephant Man”, real name being Joseph Merrick was a potential Ripper suspect, just in the fact that he was living at Royal London Hospital in 1888.

However, after further analysis, I confirmed that Joseph was not nearly strong enough or able to be mobile on his feet for an extended period of time due to a bad hip. Along with one lame hand., I am convinced this eliminates him.

Now I find myself in the most appalling turn of events, it is my assertion that Joseph was being used by Dr. Frederick Treves as a ‘diversion’ during the most sensational murder spree in history. The Royal London Hospital exploited the misfortunate gentleman turned sideshow freak.

Casebook.org takes us further down the rabbit hole:

…”Merrick suffered from a rare disorder called Protus Syndrome, of which there has been less then 100 cases ever recorded.
Joseph’s mother died in 1873, and though no photograph exists, according to eyewitnesses accounts she too was believed to have been crippled. For much of his life he was unemployed, and due to prejudice, unemployable. As a last resort he took a job as a side show freak, though did not suffer the dreadful beatings as portrayed in the movie about his life, in fact Tom Norman the entrepreneur, actually treated Joseph fairly well, after all, he was his livelihood.”

“Surgeon Frederick Treves, later to become Sir Frederick Treves, came to hear of Merrick’s condition and expressed scientific and medical interest in him, and presented him before the Pathological Society on 2 December 1884. A permanent home was found for Joseph at the London Hospital after the intervention of the British Royal Family. Here he became a society celebrity, receiving visits by the great and the good. Merrick’s ability for speech was not as articulate as portrayed by the actor John Hurt in the movie The Elephant Man, and Treves would often have to translate. This is possibly how the confusion regarding his Christian name came about, and why he was often referred to as John Merrick, and not Joseph Merrick.”

“When he died in 1890 at the age of 28, he was denied the dignity of a burial, instead his skeleton remains on permanent display at the London Hospital, where it is tirelessly examined in the hope that it may one day provide the answers and help to find a cure for Protus Syndrome.”

The 1980 movie that was made depicting the tale of the strange pairing is a film classic that I feel was purposefully produced as another tool of confusion in the long running game of outright deception, half-truths such as disinformation journalism that blends fact with fiction.

The actor who portrays Sir Frederick Treves is the Oscar winner, Sir Anthony Hopkins, who later goes on to play the role of a psychotic serial killer who consumes his victims. The notoriety that Jack The Ripper and “The Elephant Man” brought to London, England has been immense, needless to say. Millions upon millions of tourist dollars generated and the esteemed Royal London Hospital attaining a legendary reputation for being an honorable institution, when the truth is they perpetuated the biggest con ever. Scotland Yard knew damn well all along who committed these savage acts of human mutilation, decapitation and organ removal.

Anyone who says differently is a disinformation agent who most certainly has a motive for why they don’t want the truth to get out to the public finally. Until someone can debunk my theory, I fully believe I have solved the matter. No other person could have been Jack The Ripper… but the one and only
Dr. Frederick Treves.

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Randy “Rocket” Cody (@randyrocketcody) / Twitter