June 14, 2024

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CHRIS CORNELL Death Hoax: Is He Still Among Us?

News of Chris Cornell’s death on May 18, 2017 stunned the world. Ever since, millions of fans worldwide have come to believe the singer’s death was a hoax and that he was still alive and well, this according to a new report that has shocked the world.

Even Chris’ wife, Vicky, does not believe her husband committed suicide. THE METAL DEN has launched an independent death investigation that concludes a false narrative is being sold to the public by the police in Detroit, along with the coroner who left out the ‘head wound’ from his autopsy report spotted by the band at the singer’s final gig. Some basic questions have been avoided. A lot of disinformation and changes in the story surrounding the final 24 hours of the late rocker’s life has made fans confused and desperately searching for the truth.

Detroit PD have yet to produce footage from the security camera stationed in the hallway directly across from the hotel room where Chris Cornell was found dead by his bodyguard. This has a lot of fans speculating that foul play has turned a suicide ruling into the biggest rock star death investigation of all time.

Chris Cornell Death Hoax: Is He Still Among Us?

“ There are just too many unanswered questions, too many coincidences, too many things just don’t make sense, ” a fan told the media.

Overzealous fans started investigating the strange and conflicting circumstances surrounding the ‘death’ of Chris Cornell, offering ‘incontestable evidence’ that the singer was still alive.

A theory circulating is that Chris Cornell was never actually killed, and the Detroit police aided in the cover up of his faked death so that CIA handlers instead drove the rock star back to the secret Wonderland facility in Los Angeles, California where MK Ultra was purportedly carried out for many years during the sixties and seventies secretly against the American people. Today, actor/rock singer Jared Leto owns the property.

Mr. Leto, who recently played the role of the Joker on film, oddly enough was good friends with Chester Bennington, who was said to be found hung last year on Chris’ birthday. No note was left behind in either rock suicide deaths. No photos of the corpses got released, despite much bigger names like Elvis and Marilyn Monroe having death photos published immediately after these entertainment icons passed away young. No major drugs taken in a significant enough dose that could have influenced their behavior enough to make them kill themselves has been established by either toxicology report. Although, Vicky Cornell is still pushing the theory that Ativan found in Chris’ system sent him off the deep end within an hour’s time after he got done jamming in front of 5,000 people. Are any of you actually buying that preposterous line of BS?

At first she said Chris said he was just tired during their last phone call.. then she changed the story and said the press got it wrong, she never made that statement. She painted her husband as angry and out of control, popping too many Ativan pills for his own safety.. mind you, that were handed to him by his bodyguard, the man paid to protect him.

TMD uncovered evidence via an anonymous source that Chris Cornell was taken out due to information he learned about that tied some very important people to an multi billion per year earning child trafficking ring.

A woman named Jill Marie offers the following info:

“…The K family and their friends are behind this human sex drug trafficking money laundering business that the K family seems to be so proud of the Clintons President Trump is also involved CC and Chester were going to put end.. are you aware that the K family is into prostitution Identity theft money laundering business CC and Chester were going to expose the K family business I’ve written out the names that are on the list CC & Chester other journalists were murdered VK family has hired people…”

A secret society called the Freemasons have what is called “The Shriner’s”, yes, the old dudes with the funny hats who stand out in traffic to collect money for charity, and there is an elite sub group called The Royal Order of Jesters” and they got busted for trafficking little kids, although nobody ever got sentenced to any serious time.

Perhaps Vicky Cornell knows more than she is telling everyone. It is rather odd how quickly she moved to cremate the body of her husband before the funeral took place. If she was truly looking for answers a second evaluation of the corpse was crucial, now considering the ‘trauma’ found to the back of Mr. Cornell’s head. Maybe this #Pizzagate theory that involves both rocker deaths is indeed real.

TMD’s work on the matter got turned into a big joke… everyone quickly made it into a hoax.

It’s believed in the #Pizzagate scandal that a rogue element of the CIA and CPS are conducting kidnapping of school children and this is the reason for so many kids going missing in America. What do they do with the little boys and girls that they snatch via vans at grocery stores and school playgrounds? The truth is very chilling… and will make you want to cry.

In some cases the kids get brutally raped and killed so that a drug called adrenochrome can be harvested along with their blood, which is used to make the older elite continue to fight of the effects of aging. In essence, they are modern Vampires with an addiction for the red stuff.

In other cases the kids are sold into sex slave rings, often overseas far away from their family or they are used and abused by the elite in America until the decide to kill them for fun in a snuff film production which then gets sold for high dollar on the black market.

TMD’s reporting on the situation got labeled a hoax when both deaths were connected and foul play was put on the table with the inconsistent narrative being pushed out of Detroit.

Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington were said to be working on a documentary right before they died about ‘human trafficking’ which never got released. If the Jesters are indeed behind the madcap antics of stealing kids all over the place, and only the elite masons get to even be a part of this secret club of debauchery and evil perversion, is it possible that something more sinister is at play?

TMD issued a Halloween report last year in which an MK Ultra victim claims that MEGADETH mainman, Dave Mustaine, killed his clone during a bloodsport event held underground by the elite. Digging deeper, it’s believed that other notable music giants like Kanye West have been taken to this facility for memory wiping and a new program installed by the Illuminati. Although, in some cases the celebrity is not allowed back into society. They are used for cloning purposes and are not allowed above ground for the remainder of their lives. The US government is run by Satanic masons who are hell bent on taking over the world. Keeping Chris alive means new copies of him are reissued under a different identity. Also, other cloned versions of him would be sacrificed over and over again during bloody and utterly savage fights to the death in front of audience who paid high dollar for the ticket to watch him get executed… usually by beheading.

Real Or A Hoax? Dave Mustaine Killed Me… Claims Donald Marshall

Truther Matthew L. Smith posted the following comment on the matter, suggesting a new artist named August Macke is actually the legendary SOUNDGARDEN frontman:

“Don’t think he’s still alive?? Listen to the songs “Shame” “Until It’s Done” and “Stuck In A Frame.” Especially at 1:58 / 2:00 in “shame”, and the very first line of vocals in “Until It’s Done”… THAT is Chris Cornell. It’s unmistakable.”

“And the first words of “Stuck In A Frame” are “you cannot seem to get to me, I am back with a stolen identity.”

Sounds too crazy to believe, right? Listen to all of the music HERE and judge for yourself. There is no doubt to even the most seasoned music professional that the man providing vocals on these tracks sounds eerily similar to Chris Cornell, and that is not an easy feat to pull off.

“The singer is credited as “August Macke” – who is a German painter who died a long time ago. There are ZERO google results for an August Macke musician (except for some links to these songs) – nothing else. Both of the other musicians this singer recorded with are both in Sweden. Is Chris there too?)”

“I mean no disrespect to anyone. And I’m asking myself if I’m going insane. The only reason I searched for this is because I happened across these songs and was blown away at how much the singer sounded like Chris, so I started digging. That’s what lead me here. The more I listened to this “August Macke” guy (again, a dead german painter), the more I couldn’t get past the subtleties in the voice. Either Chris is still alive, or this dude is a dead ringer for his vocal range, style, and altogether talent.”

Beyond Mr. Smith, a wide array of the singer’s fans are convinced that Chris Cornell is still alive. According to the sensational news item:

Moreover, ever since his death in 2017, hundreds of eyewitnesses claimed to have spotted him in many cities around the world, in shopping malls, taxis, even in a restaurant in Seattle (Chris Cornell’s Hometown).

An archived post on Project Albatross site takes further down the rabbit hole:

“Chris Cornell has been a very influential person in rock for decades. There were also The Melvins, Pearl Jam and Mother Lovebone among others. Years later Chris Cornell would team up with the son of a famous Kenyan leader who married a CIA operative. This operative attended Harvard university much like Obama did and once he graduated with a Harvard degree, he was un-hirable. This son moved out to LA to become a successful rock guitarist. His name is Tom Morello and he was the guitarist for Rage Against the Machine and later teamed up with Chris Cornell to form Audioslave. They were brought together by one of the biggest producers in the history of modern music, Rick Rubin who has been a crack CIA guy for decades now. He started Def Jam records and was originally used to sign upcoming MK ULTRA’s rap artists to his labels.”

Mr. Rubin also was connected to LINKIN PARK, METALLICA… and allegedly to Satanic Black Magick rituals.

An incident report from that night shows “No forced entry” for Chris Cornell’s room which makes the bodyguard’s story about kicking in the door to save his boss… well, suspicious.

Couple that with Detroit PD not releasing any actual video surveillance footage that irrefutably supports the story being told by Martin Kirsten, a man of large size who would have needed to do extensive damage to gain entry with a safety swing latch engaged on the inside. What is Detroit trying to hide from all of us?

Chris Cornell would be 53 years-old today.

Will we ever know the truth? Probably not, but the legend that is Chris Cornell will live on forever. Some things are just too good to be forgotten.


Source: MM

Top Photo Credit: Maryelle St. Clare

Chris Cornell performs at Blumenthal Performing Arts Center,
Charlotte NC. 20 June 2016.