June 16, 2024

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Report: CLIFF BURTON, The Serpent & Creeping Death

Report: CLIFF BURTON, The Serpent & Creeping Death

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

part 2 of a 3 part report

Late METALLICA bassist Cliff Burton was a man of very few words. One thing people knew for certain about him is that his friends in this world mattered and he trusted the members of his band, Lars, James and Kirk… with his life. Did you know that he defended the honor of playing in the band by carrying around a hammer so he could hit anyone who tried to attack the band?

Back in September of the year 1986, while METALLICA was out on tour overseas… he boarded the band’s bus and did not make it to their destination alive. The mystery deepens when looking to his band mates for logical answers.

Singer/guitarist James Hetfield claimed “the driver was drunk” and that’s what caused the vehicle rollover that killed his bass player.

“James Hetfield first believed the bus flipped because the driver was drunk, claiming his breath smelled of alcohol after the accident. Hetfield also stated that he walked long distances down the road looking for black ice and found none.”

According to World History project:

A freelance photographer, Lennart Wennberg, was at the crash scene the following morning. He was later got asked in an interview about the likelihood that black ice caused the accident. Without one moment’s hesitation, he said it was ‘out of the question’ because the road was dry and the temperature around two degrees Celsius (37 degrees Fahrenheit).

“This was confirmed by police who found no ice on the road. Ljungby detective Arne Pettersson was reported in a local newspaper to have said the tracks at the accident site were exactly like ones seen when drivers fall asleep at the wheel. However, the driver stated under oath that he had slept during the day and was fully rested; his testimony was confirmed by the driver of a second tour bus that was carrying the band’s crew and equipment. The driver was determined not at fault for the accident and no charges were brought against him.”

Is it possible the rock legend was murdered as part of a Satanic ritual and the band covered it up?

It’s said that a crane was used to put the bus back up in its upright position after the crash.

In the first part of this report, I introduced fans to several key pieces of evidence that point to foul play. Namely, the fact that the neither the roof or the sides of the bus shows any signs of damage. As I continue with my special reporting on the matter, I will follow up all of this evidence with detailed forensic analysis that will help us best determine what really happened during that tragic event.

In rollover bus crashes, the visible signs of external ‘crushing’ sustained by a rolled vehicle that weighs multiple tons is present, as you can clearly see in the following photo from an accident back in Texas two years ago that killed 8 and injured 40.

Why is it that Cliff was the only person to suffer fatal injuries?

Mick Wall’s Metallica biography, “Enter Night,” contains a detailed description of the accident and its aftermath, and even he was perplexed at the mystery of Cliff’s death:

“What happened next has long been shrouded in a degree of uncertainty, and, it must be admitted, some of it remains so, not least the identity of the bus driver. Nobody I spoke to who was on the bus, including tour manager Bobby Schneider, seems to recall the driver’s name – or if they do, they are not telling for reasons is it difficult to ascertain. Nearly a quarter of a century later, nobody from the Swedish police or local press seem to have a record…of the driver’s name, either…”

They always say “the Devil is in the details,” right?

Look at the numbers of the day and month Cliff died. The 9th month (September) on the 27th day. 9 + 27 = 36.

There you have your 3 -6’s for the Mark of the Beast.

Was there indeed a friction that existed between drummer Lars Ulrich and Cliff Burton? The answer is a resounding ‘Yes’.

As the story goes, “while on tour in Europe supporting Master of Puppets, Metallica members James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, and Cliff Burton let slip to Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian that they had plans to replace drummer Lars Ulrich after the tour’s conclusion. “We were all kind of blown away by that,” Ian explained, “because it was the four of them. It was just, like, ‘Wow! Really?’ And they were, like, ‘Yeah. When we finish this tour, we’re gonna find a new drummer.’”

Word is that Cliff was not happy with the commercial direction that Lars wanted to take the band in. Did this squabble lead to a premeditated murder, which involved a massive cover up?

Former Metallica guitarist, Dave Mustaine, let it be known who is the most powerful person in the band.

“Everybody on the planet knows… Lars runs Metallica.”