July 19, 2024

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AMERICA IS EATING ITS OWN: The #Pizzagate Holocaust!

AMERICA IS EATING ITS OWN: The #Pizzagate Holocaust!

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

(part 2 of a 3 part report)

(This report originally posted on July 13, 2018)

“If you’re going to do something, do it well.
And leave something witchy.”

– Charles Manson

Note: This article is dedicated to every human being who will be sacrificed to the Devil today.

Easter like Halloween and Friday the 13th marks the day of the Witch all around the world, for this is when Satan must be honored.

While the Trump administration continues its shenanigans with pointless Stormy Daniels news stories used to divert our attention off the really important matters or by way of launching sensational fake press about families being separated from their kids at the Mexico/American border, I am here to report that kids who are citizens of the United States of America are being snatched by a systematic crime ring backed by Uncle Sam that is more terrifying and bold than any dictatorship that has come before it.

Using Child Protective Services as a front, the FBI, CIA, NSA, the police and leading news reporters are carrying out the most horrific acts of human genocide known to man… against their own countryman.

In the past twelve months in the USA, over 250,000 kids have not returned home safely to their warm beds. (This is the FBI’s own statistic.)

Several years back, a Clinton cohort named Laura Silsby got busted trying to traffic 33 people out of Haiti from an orphanage run by the lawyer of the dude that owns Comet Ping Pong pizzeria, where the elite DNC has held strange “pizza parties.”

Silsby managed to get a very short sentence due to the Clinton’s pulling legal strings on their end. Let me clarify that all 33 of these people were said to be accounted for and safe.

I can’t say the same for 250,000+ Americans who are still missing right now.

Why can’t the people in charge of running America tell us where these kids are located? This is the modern age where video cameras are everywhere, right? I know I can’t even steal a stick of gum from a convenience store because ten cameras would be recording me while I do it…

And while I am on the subject of cameras, why in the hell can’t the authorities produce any video of Chris Cornell’s bodyguard breaking into his hotel room?

That is a big problem, no matter how you slice it.

A lot of the confusion came when the pizza joint in Washington DC was used as a decoy to throw the investigator’s like me off the track of the real evil deeds going on. There’s a much bigger problem than the crossdressing rock band’s playing pizza parties that Barack Obama likes to attend. I am afraid what we are looking at is human atrocities to the likes that have never been experienced yet by mankind.

I broke the viral story about #PizzaGate in 2017.

I detailed Mr. Cornell’s foray into battling the underworld of child trafficking. Along the way coming into possession of a convicted billionaire pedophile’s ‘black book’.

It included major celebs within Jeffrey Epstein’s inner circle.

Donald Trump, Kevin Spacey, The Clinton’s, Chris Tucker, Will Smith, Leslie Wexner, Prince Andrew and Courtney Love were all named.

An Occult historian takes us down the path to Hell:

“On one side lies groups such as the Order of Nine Angles and the now-defunct Friends of Hekate. These groups, although differing in their approach to ritualistic magic, can be said to promote the use of human and/or animal sacrifice under certain conditions and for specific reasons. That is, they promote the conscious and willed use of sacrifice rather than the weak indulgence epitomised by the modern day serial killer who has no or very little control over his actions. On the opposite bench can be found the Society of Dark Lily, the Church of Satan and the Temple of Set. Lying inbetween both camps can be found the diabolist who may sacrifice animals during his or her rituals of invocation. Yet whilst the diabolist – who often is a solo practitioner, working alone and in secret – may kill animals in his rites, it is doubtful if he would perform human sacrifice on the scale of the Order of Nine Angles or the Friends of Hekate and it is to these two groups one should turn in order to gain a deeper and more constructive insight into the concept and of human sacrifice.”

MK Ultra mind control is used by Witches to gain the upper hand on the unwitting victim.

Yes, this makes the holocaust look like a walk in the park. The craziest thing is that you and I will never bear witness to any of these horrible activities… because everything is going on underneath us.

Complex underground tunnel systems are used…

People need to pay closer attention to what is happening with #Pizzagate, before it’s one of your kids they snatch next. I learned that even local grocery stores employ Satanist pedophiles who specifically look to snatch kids who are attempting to use the public bathroom. These ‘snatchers’ for the “finders” backed CIA cult operation use all the charm they need to get a child kidnapped because they typically sell for $10,000 to $50,000.

These “snatchers” look just like you and me, and work responsible jobs. They virtually go undetected.

With an unmarked van waiting nearby in the parking lot, it is easy to quickly move the child out of the store before their parent can locate them. In a snap of your fingers, that child is most likely going to become a sex slave, kept in a cage and fed very little, for the remainder of their childhood.

As the story goes, on this date in 1307 many of the Knights Templar were burned at the stake by French King Philippe le Bel, so this has become an important date reserved for freemasons and their sinister rituals.

A Satanic Ritual Abuse survivor named Mauri details her background trying to not get killed by a coven her own family belonged to when she was a child:

“The cult had a name for this game. It was called “The Game of Three Children” The object of the game was that one child would watch, one would die, and one would kill the other. Of course, as with all games, much was hoaxed behind the scenes, but not in the eyes of the participants, except the one that was “murdered”. That child frequently lived to be murdered yet again. The California witches liked the desert, and I continued to be the center of their attention under the full moon. My mother and I often worked together. In another memory, I felt myself nude lying flat on my back, propped up on some kind of altar. I saw my mother, the light from a torch shown yellow across her face. Her eyes were like saucers. She looked evil.”

Today Hollywood glamorizes gore and Satanic ritual killing like it is some kind of sport… but when confronted, say it’s just art and nobody really does this sort of thing. As Mauri explains these psychopaths hiding behind angelic faces are hellbent on destroying anything that is good.

The truth is much more gruesome than fiction.

“She passed the burning torch back and forth in front of my eyes. The fire singed my hair. I smelled it burning. I felt myself holding a branch in both hands above my head. A large branch protruded between my legs. She lit all three branches with the torch, and then warned me that she was in control if I burned. I held breathlessly still. My mother seemed angry, but probably what she really was was afraid. Suddenly I felt very cold and wet as the buckets of water almost drowned me. The circle of witches let the branches burn until just the right moment, then in unison they extinguished the fire with water. I don’t have scars on my body. I think they were careful to only scar my mind. I remember these witches with slightly more fondness than that evil bunch in the barn in Utah. I am suspicious that my mother and I worked with fire a lot. Neither of us is afraid of fire and I think I may have done fire walking on hot coals. For this I made sure I had thick calluses on the bottom of my feet.”

My theory last year that purported two rock stars were murdered by a Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult pissed off a lot of people, but fans keep asking me to push forward with my independent death investigation. I have now learned from a source in the industry that close friends fear Chester Bennington was abducted a week before a planned “Lammas Day’ sacrifice ceremony after sex orgies that take part leading up to that big date on the Satanic calendar.

Today being Friday 13th is the week leading up to when Chester was found dead in his home on July 20, 2017… which also just so happened to be Chris Cornell’s birthday. Both men died in the exact same manner, due to hanging from a door. I believe they were both victims of foul play that ended up with each of them getting devoured during a satanic ritual.

“The altar on which I lay was the height of a man’s pelvis. Again the silent figures filled by, each penetrating me and then moving on. I felt my mother at my head holding me down and watching. I was frozen with terror by each figure, and the thought that death awaited me at the end of the line. The image faded and was replaced by another. The line of male figures continued in front of me, but this time I was performing oral sex. As the procession wound round each penis climaxed and I felt covered in sticky semen. My mother was there, standing next to me, watching. I felt desperate when she left my side. I looked anxiously around the room for my parents. I wanted them close by, as I was petrified of the strangers. I got to know no one. I didn’t talk. I was barely alive.”

“Back in the living room at the house once again, the lights are dim and I’m lying nude in the center. I’m being gang raped by a silent procession of men. My father dramatically bursts into the room wearing a large animal mask. He climaxes the ceremony by being the final rapist. Were they trying to get me pregnant, with my father as the father or the father unknown? I had no memories of being pregnant, and no blank spaces long enough to include a pregnancy. They undoubtedly didn’t succeed. I wasn’t a very good Satanist. First I refused to die when I was supposed to, then I wouldn’t get pregnant when I was supposed to.”

In the army there is a special kind of torture technique that involves depriving the victim of 80% of oxygen, which apparently affects the brain directly allowing the person’s mind to be more controlled.

In my past reporting, I covered the horrific mythical killing machine called “The Figure In Black”, who is purportedly an ex Army MK Ultra madman named Michael Aquino. He also founded the Temple of Set. Mr. Aquino went unpunished in the largest case of child abuse ever reported in American history. It happened while he was on post at the military base located on the Presidio near San Francisco. It’s said in reporting from that time, that little kids were skinned alive while they were being sacrificed to the Devil.

My determination is that Chester did not get killed right away. The timeline being sold to the public by the FAKE NEWS media is not what really went down. Chester would not have been killed until after days and days of brutal torture.

Keep in mind, one year later… and still there has been no video or photographic evidence of the bodies at the scene offered by police, which certainly leads one to believe that a cover up is going on and the corpses were injured in such a profound way that they rushed to cremate both rockers before a second evaluation could be done. After all, much bigger stars over the years have had their corpses flashed in newspapers for the entire world to see.

Elvis Presleycasket photo

Marilyn Monroecoroner photo

Tupac Shakurcoroner photo

Since it took over 130 days to release Mr. Bennington’s autopsy, while prematurely labeling the death another suicide by hanging, I have indeed learned that no homicide investigation was ever done. The mainstream news turned my reporting into a HOAX instead.

The Luciferian coven, much like a Chicago mob hit squad, knew to dose the rockers with medicine which lowered their heart beat, this way it takes them both to the edge of death without his heart having an attack. They want to induce as much fear so that when they go to extract the adrenochrome it is at its most potent.

This explains the odd gap in time I discovered in the Cornell narrative being sold by his greedy acting widow, Vicky Cornell. The 45 minute space when she calls the bodyguard and he arrives down the hall makes more sense now when taking into consideration the rocker’s adrenochrome was being removed before EMT arrived… while Mr. Cornell was in a nearly unconscious state and no longer had control of himself.

Vicky Cornell recently claimed in a Detroit News report that Chris Cornell definitely had a “bloody gash” on the back of his head that can’t be explained… and for no good reason at all, the Detroit coroner left that minor detail out of the autopsy report. The experts I referenced said that type of wound does not fit someone who was partially suspended, and supposedly taken down from that position, as indicated by the arriving first medic.


Top artwork by Carnival Cannibal

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