April 17, 2024

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SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER: The Flaying Of Chester Bennington

FILE - In this Dec. 13, 2014 file photo, Chester Bennington poses in the press room at the 25th annual KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas in Inglewood, Calif. The Los Angeles County coroner says Bennington, who sold millions of albums with a unique mix of rock, hip-hop and rap, has died in his home near Los Angeles. He was 41. Coroner spokesman Brian Elias says they are investigating Bennington’s death as an apparent suicide but no additional details are available. (Photo by John Shearer/Invision/AP, File)

SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER: The Flaying of Chester Bennington

(This report originally posted May 21, 2018)

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

My independent death investigation for late LINKIN PARK vocalist, Chester Bennington, has gained worldwide publicity, and my focus now has turned solely on the incriminating evidence of collusion between Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and LINKIN PARK band. I will prove to my fans beyond a shadow of a doubt that the rock star was the victim of a murder cover up, just like his friend Chris Cornell.

My reporting won me a ton of international acclaim for my journalism, including being named one of the ‘Top Conspiracy Theorists of 2017’ by Grunge.com, so there is no argument from anyone it seems about the incredible achievement due to my massive effort put forth on behalf of the dead… who cannot speak for themselves any longer.

By taking over 130 days to release the autopsy report, that I paid for out of my own pocket, making the case unofficial until that is done, I feel the crooked L.A. coroner, aided by the even more criminal news media and police, released a doctored exam, in my opinion, due to the body already being completely desecrated during a savage Satanic ritual killing ceremony.

I will prove once and for all that there is no possible way an autopsy could have been conducted on the deceased in question… because Mr. Bennington was literally ripped to pieces.

This is why, unlike much bigger names, such as Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, JFK and Tupac, where death photos of each celeb were released to the public via the national/international press, Chester Bennington’s morgue shot was never issued and will never see the light of day. Why is that, you ask yourself?

This man suffered an end so vicious and brutal, that no photos could dare be taken of the gut wrenching aftermath.

People still think everything going on today in America like #Pizzagate and rock star murder cover ups are nothing but a big trendy joke… well, I am going to hopefully change that way of thinking around with this report.

We are looking at an act of human atrocity so barbaric and profoundly sinister that most of my readers have never experienced the true horror I’m about to expose your eyes to for the very first time.

It is a fact that Chester’s wife did not even demand notification of when the report would be released. That was because nobody ever planned on doing a second evaluation of his corpse. Why? In my opinion, the body was taken to a different location where the actual ritual sacrifice occurred.

Chester did not die where the maid (crisis actress) says he died, understand?

Even if we were to believe the liars…

No suicide note was left behind.

No drugs were found in the singer’s system. Very little trace amounts of alcohol were measured. This is clearly not a person who is on their way out, after having displayed a massive addiction problem in the past.

I speak from personal experience, having had multiple family/friends commit suicide, of all ages.

What each of them did that was identical was get drunk and smoke a bunch of marijuana before they put the noose around their neck. That is a fact.

No, I don’t believe one word coming from LAPD or the L.A. coroner. There is something very sinister going on in America right now, and I am telling each and every one of my readers things are only going to get freakier.

We are dealing with what I call “Super Psychopaths.” These are not your ordinary homicidal maniacs running around chopping up kids for Satan, okay? These are actual flesh eating cannibals who lust after human meat, such as the heart and other parts of the dead body.

The entire TMZ report was bogus, there is simply no way around it. There never was an Uber sent to pickup Chester, there never was him talking with the maid the night before he died… all of that is total bullshit, concocted to sell you all a false narrative. The sobbing, the crazy reporting by Harvey Levin, stating the rocker at one point was said to have ‘hog tied’ himself in a previous suicide attempt, jumping into a pool while tied up like Houdini in a chair… yet he somehow managed to escape.

The lies, on top of lies, is so out of control, that you would have to be a genius or really good at figuring out jigsaw puzzles to understand what the hell is really going on.

The rest of what you saw was nothing but one big Satanic shit being taken in your face and all time demonic laugh fest for getting away yet again with another rock star murder.

Diving Cosmos site breaks down Podesta’s email content:

“Out of 2,060 total emails in the first Podesta collection, there are 149 instances of “pizza”, 73 of hot dog, 85 of cheese, 78 of pasta, 41 of sauce, 84 of ice cream and 47 of walnut. The word “map,” which can refer to a telltale clue that could destroy the entire crime ring if left behind, such as through DNA evidence, appears 917 times. That’s almost half of all the emails. These words often appear in very, very bizarre contexts that have nothing to do with food. That is one key element of Pizzagate. The term “pizza” itself appears to be code for a sexual partner, particularly if it is a minor, and again appears 149 times. Although “walnut” appears 47 times in very strange ways, the equally popular nut “cashew” doesn’t appear even once. This is most likely because “walnut” is a code word and “cashew” is not.”

Keep in mind, I proved collusion existed between John Podesta and Chester’s band LINKIN PARK via SE4ALL global initiative. They were using the band’s social pages to do heavy branding of their message.

When coming to terms with the fact that you have been lied to all along, #Pizzagate and all of the facts
presented are easier to deciper when looking at the strange ‘pedo’ code language in the emails and the strange goings on at Comet Pizza, also known as Comet Ping Pong, owned by Podesta’s old friend James Alefantis. Both Obama and Hillary Clinton have attended so called “pizza parties” at Mr. Alefantis’ restaurant.

Pictured: Chester’s Creepy Ass Looking Masonic Cop Father

Within the Podesta emails, “pizza and other specific food terms continuously appear in very suspicious ways in hundreds of different letters sent by Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta and others.”

Here are three examples:


I consider ice cream, its purchase, and its consumption a rather serious business. We can’t just willy-nilly toss it out and about in casual references, especially linked with the word “free”.


“Lo and behold, instead of pasta and wonderful sauces, it was a lovely, tempting assortment of cheeses, Yummy.”

“I am awaiting the return of my children and grandchildren from their holiday travels so that we can demolish them.”


“Hi John, The realtor found a handkerchief (I think it has a map that seems pizza-related. Is it yours?”

I have determined that Mr. Bennington is a victim of Satanic ritual sacrifice. It all mimics to a tee the horrific demise of a legendary ancient music idol named Orpheus. But before I take you down that chilling path, allow me to hold the crystal ball closer to your face now so you can see exactly what has happened in the past always happens again in the future.

Remember, I tied Harvey Levin of TMZ to the man who first discovered Chester Bennington, the manager of LINKIN PARK, Jeff Blue.

In the past, Mr. Blue has worked as Sr. VP A&R/Staff Producer for Warner Bros. Records. He also at one time was an intern for Harvey Levin himself at CBS.

If my readers recall, Harvey Levin provided a ‘false statement’ in concern with the Chris Cornell death investigation, stating that 9 rib fractures was the average amount of breaks sustained during CPR.

He quoted the American Heart Association as where he got the statistic, so I called them up myself and they said that they could not verify that claim due to the fact that they do not provide that kind of rib injury stat during CPR in their latest handbook.

A Neon Nettle post archived from last July featured my Cornell investigative work:

“Mr. Bennington’s death strikes more than a passing resemblance to the death of his close friend Chris Cornell who shocked the world when he tragically passed on May 17th of this year. Both men were found hanging on the back of the door and both deaths were prematurely ruled as a suicide by police. Bennington was also found dead on, what would have been, Chris Cornell’s 53rd birthday.”

According to TMD, Bennington’s close friend and his wife had set up the Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation for neglected children and also worked with a number of charities that worked with children rescued from child trafficking networks.

During his charitable work, Mr. Cornell had discovered a “black book” of names for an Elite pedophile ring that was part of a global child abuse network.

Sources close to Cornell revealed that he was planning on going public with the names shortly before he was found dead.

Why the lies? Why the massive cover up?

I decided to go even further down the rabbit hole, to see what I could learn about this Jeff Blue/Harvey Levin connection. I noticed right after Chester’s tragic death he was featured in some big online piece about his memories of Chester when he first met the future music superstar.

Looking into the late rock singer’s background, I learned his father of record is a former police officer.

Lee Russell Bennington was a police detective whose work focused on child abuse cases. That means he is a freemason, because that is the ONLY way you can become a detective in the past decades in America. Once you have reached 32nd degree he would be given the secret insight of who they truly worship at the masonic lodge he belongs to (where membership is never allowed to be disclosed to the general public), and he would have taken the infamous ‘death oath’ that means he would not tell anyone of the secrets of the lodge and the Grand Master who runs it, who is the person carrying out the ritual slayings in that part of the country.

Once you are sworn into the coven there is no getting out. It’s not like you can ever leave and get a refund for the course because you aren’t pleased with it any longer. The only way out is death. And if you are a coven member and do not carry out perverse acts and murderous deeds then you risk the chance of being cast out and a target put on your back, including all of your immediate family members. The Luciferians are much more diabolical than even the mafia, trust me… these people you do not want to cross… please excuse the pun.

Heavy.com further details Bennington’s sad and abuse ridden childhood years:

“While Chester was growing up, his dad often had to take double shifts, which left him feeling like he really didn’t have anyone to talk to. Chester once shared that when he was only seven or eight, an older male friend started molesting him. The friend was only a few years older than he was, he said. The assaults continued until he was 13.”

The singer openly discussed in his final years that he was a longtime abuser of the MK Ultra drug LSD.

When you are born in a Satanic coven you basically don’t have your own free will. It is not allowed.

By splitting a coven child’s mind early by way of MK Ultra you can split their mind into ‘alters’, where
one does not have any idea about the actions or thoughts of the other personality. This program was mastered by former Army man Michael Aquino during the sixties and the Vietnam war. In the seventies it’s said that Mr. Aquino AKA “The Figure In Black” due to his obsession with wearing black executioner robes continued after retirement running MK Ultra out of Uncle Sam’s secret facility called Wonderland in California.

That location is now owned by actor/rocker/card carrying Illuminati member Jared Leto.

I have determined that Mr. Aquino is still active at this very moment. He is backed by the NSA, CIA, FBI, CPS and many other government run agencies who are allegedly involved in the largest mass extinction of human beings since the Holocaust of World War 2, when millions of Jews were exterminated by the German Nazi war crime machine.

Hitler worshiped Satan, that is a fact.

All of the New World Order leadership, including the Pope, are running with the Devil.

Satanic ritual sacrifice and “snuff films” go hand in hand with the killer elite. Dating all the way back to the Tate murders and Son of Sam.

According to this online resource for occult studies:

“Blood sacrifice has been used in ceremonial magic. Magicians have believed that it releases an instant burst of power which they used for the performance of magical spells and conjuration. The old grimoires command the killing of animals and using their skins to make parchments on which to draw needed magical symbols. Animals which were offered to God and demons had to be young, healthy and virgin in order that the maximum amount of energy would be released. Theoretically, the killing, letting of blood and the fear of death throes of the victim, added to the frenzy of the magician.”

An example of this was stated by Aleister Crowley in Magick in Theory and Practice (1929), “The ethics of the thing appear to have concerned no one; nor, to tell the truth, need they do so.” Crowley routinely sacrificed animals in his rituals that took place in a magic circle or triangle, which prevented the released power from escaping. He tortured the animal first in order to obtain an elemental slave, as “indefensible, utterly black magic of the worst kind,” and then proceeding he stated he had no objection to such black magic when it was “properly understood.”

The history of sacrificial slaughter goes way back:

“The rituals of blood sacrifices are ancient. They embody the custom of propitiating the gods. Animals, fowls and humans have been sacrificed in various religious rituals to secure bountiful harvests, blessings and protection from the deities. It has long been believed that the blood consumed in ritual sacrifice will give to the drinker the soul and attributes of the deceased, be it human or animal.”

“When the hunter runs down and kills a lion, he may eat the lion’s liver thinking that this will give him strength; or a warrior may eat the brains of his slain enemy in order to assimilate his opponent’s courage or cleverness. A communicant in a church eats a piece of bread which is believed to be the body of Christ so as to gain some of Christ’s attributes. All these are examples of ‘ritual cannibalism,’ and are essentially the same.”

“The “Kosher killing” of draining the blood from the sacrificial animal was not a Jewish idea. It was common among the Oriental worshippers to offer the blood to the Great Earth Mother and retain the meat for themselves. However, the Jews like the Hindus taught that the animal’s soul was in the blood. The Celts and Druids drank the blood of their sacrificed human victims, whose throats were cut over cauldrons, or burned their bodies alive in wickerwork gages. The Aztecs cut the hearts out of the human sacrifices with flint knives; the priest held the still-beating heart aloft, then placed it in a ceremonial receptacle. Then the body was frequently dismembered and eaten as an act of ritual cannibalism. The Khonds of southern India speared their victims on stakes and cut off pieces of their backs to fertilize the earth. The sacrifice of the first born child was prominent. It was practiced by various cultures, especially during troubled times. One example is that the nobility of Carthage during the Punic Wars sacrificed hundreds of children to the god Baal by throwing them in to pits of fire.”

Omophagia or ‘omophagy’ is the eating of raw flesh.

The evil elite consume human meat as a delicacy today via spots like L.A.’s Cannibal Club.

The Grand Climax ceremony falls on the Satanic calendar between July 20th and July 27th, and it involves sexual rape and human sacrifice I learned.

The victims are harvested for their adrenochrome… once they have reached their peak of terror and been executed. This is collected with a needle and syringe from the base of the back of their neck.

Conscious Awareness For All explains what this drug is:

“In scientific terms, it is a chemical that is produced in the human body when adrenaline [also known as epinephrine] oxidizes. How is the chemical extracted? A potential victim is terrorized, thus increasing the amount of adrenaline that is flowing through their body. They are then killed and the adrenochrome is collected with a needle and syringe from the base of the back of their neck and spinal column. Once collected, the chemical can be sold on the black market at exorbitant prices.”

The Illuminati (freemasons) are calling the shots in the New World Order, got it? They love to use symbols and numerology to leave hidden messages before and after covert “false flag” attacks and government assassinations.

It’s no laughing matter, that is for damn sure. The ‘predictive programming’ is done to desensitize the public, while at the same time telling you what they fully intend to do.

As I researched further I learned about a particular act within the ritual called ‘Sparagmos.’

This is essentially to “tear, rend, pull to pieces” a human being while they are still alive. It is an act of total desecration, including a violent tearing apart of the torso and limbs, not concluding until there is an utter mangling.

In Dionysian rite as represented in myth and literature, a living animal, or sometimes even a human being, is sacrificed by being dismembered.

“Sparagmos was frequently followed by omophagia (the eating of the raw flesh of the one dismembered). It is associated with the Maenads or Bacchantes, followers of Dionysus, and the Dionysian Mysteries. Historically, however, there is little indication that women celebrating the rites of Dionysus dismembered animals or ate raw flesh.”

There is first a flaying of the flesh. Also known as skinning, this is the evil cabal’s method of slow and painful execution in which the person’s skin is removed entirely from the body. This happens before the actual execution, the victim screams in excruciating pain after they have been immersed in boiling hot water so the skin becomes lose enough or it to be peeled back off the muscle tissue. Once the terror and painful crying and screaming reaches its peak like some kind of nightmarish opera from Hell, the Satanist’s harvest the most powerful drug known to man. Before get into that, you need to realize the historic importance of desecration to the Luciferians.

Dating back to Medieval times, flaying is as real as it gets.

“Flaying is a very old torture method that was used thousands of years ago in the Middle East, Africa and even America. During the Middle Ages, it was frequently used to torture and execute criminals, captured soldiers and witches.”

It’s said the face will be removed first. It is the most important part because a “Dead Skin Mask” represents the ultimate power when you wear it. The energy and talents of the dead will possess the wearer, so they say.

“In one version of the Flaying Torture, the victim’s arms were tied to a pole above his head while his feet were tied below. His body was now completely exposed and the torturer, with the help of a small knife, peeled off the victim’s skin slowly. In most cases, the torturer peeled off his facial skin first, slowly working his way down to the victim’s feet. Most victims died before the torturer even reached their waist.”

In another version, the victim was exposed to the Sun until his skin reddened. This was followed by the torturer peeling off his flesh with the same method described above.

“Examples of sparagmos appear in Euripides’s play The Bacchae, which concerns Dionysus and the Maenads. At one point guards sent to control the Maenads witness them pulling a live bull to pieces with their hands. Later, Dionysus lures his cousin, king Pentheus, into a forest after he bans worship of the god where he was attacked by Maenads, including his own mother Agave. The reference of his mother tearing apart his limbs is sparagmos. According to some myths, Orpheus, regarded as a prophet of Orphic or Bacchic religion, died when he was dismembered by raging Thracian women.”

As the story goes,

“One day, Orpheus was singing in a wooded glade when a group of Thracian women happened upon him. These women were Maenads, devotees of Bacchus, and in their drunken frenzy they threw stones and branches at Orpheus, but the beauty of his music stopped the missiles as they were unwilling to strike the bard. Undeterred, the women began to attack Orpheus with their bare hands, tearing him apart. Tradition states that his head and lyre were cast into the river Hebrus, where they still gave out mournful music as they flowed to the sea, and landed on the isle of Lesbos. Orpheus’ shade then fled to the Underworld, retracing his steps searching for Eurydice and eventually found her in the Elysian Fields.”

“Introducing the Greek term ‘sparagmos,’ which is a supreme principle of Dionysian cult and that comes to mean something like blight, rupture, convulsion or spasm. The Sparagmos is directly linked with the Great Mother Nature, the uterus-tomb.

“In the Dionysian ritual, in which the Sparagmos is “an ecstasy of sexual arousal and superhuman strength “, the Body of God (replaced by that of a man or an animal) is sacrificed, shattered into pieces that are subsequently ingested or also disseminated as if were seeds. The will to imitate the divine figure entails in this ritual (and in many others, the Christian Eucharist included) the adoption of something as material and gritty as cannibalism, which becomes a pathway of spiritual suggestion, on a path that leads to Paradise of the Celestial.”

“In short, in the Spagmaros is destroyed and built at the same time, is pure dynamic compulsion, perpetual movement that leads from one end to the other, without the possibility of fixing this mobility. It is unstoppable fluency, heartbreaking and throbbing metamorphosis always underway, which, consequently, “denies the identity of objects. It is nature crushing and dissolving matter into energy.”

When he was getting ready to rise to power in the Germany’s Third Reich, Hitler was said to be involved heavily in “satanic rituals.”

The Occult historian details the crazy tale:

“…Techniques Dietrich Eckart exposed to Hitler were in part derived from the sexual magic of Aleister Crowley. In 1912 this famed British magician was named IX British head of a secret Berlin lodge called Ordo Templi Orientis which practiced various forms of sexual magic.”

It was noted that “there can be little doubt that both Crowley and Eckart conducted deep studies of the Arabian astrological magic performed by Klingsor’s real life counterpart, Landulf II.”

“If the legends that have come down from these dark centuries of European history are true, these rituals carried out at Kalot Enbolot included terrible tortures such as the slitting open of the stomach of sacrificial victims and the slow drawing open of the stomach of sacrificial victims and the slow drawing of their entrails, the driving of stakes through the orifices of their bodies before disemboweling them, and the invoking of Spirits of Darkness (incubus) to rape young virgins kidnapped from their families.”

It turns out that Eckart devised the rituals he used so that he “opened the centers of Adolf Hitler to give him a vision of and a means of communication with Satan.”

Predictive programming is used by the Satanic elite to put it out into the open what they are going to do in the future. In this case, Chester appeared in the 2010 motion picture horror flick “Saw 3D”, wherein he is murdered by a sadistic killer in a rigged trap in a car as part of some sort of ritual sacrifice.

Sadly, actors and musicians are sacrificed all of the time. There are many who believe Sylvester Stallone, John Travolta, Marie Osmond and others have handed over their kids lives to the Illuminati to continue being rich and famous.

One investigator tells the story of Sage Stallone, who oddly enough portrayed the voice of Tate massacre victim, Hollywood hairdresser to the stars, Jay Sebring, in a 1997 movie called the Manson family.

“Sage Stallone only had one fear in life and that fear was of Barry Meyers, the current head of Warner Bros Studio. Ya see Barry Meyers isn’t like Alan Horne, the former head of Warner Bros, because while Alan Horne was mostly into studio rituals & soft going, everyone knew that the then VP, Barry Meyers, was a ruthless King Solomon Jew who loved nothing more than to sacrifice actors to Abraham and lock their souls into a “spirit bottle” on Warner Bros Studio Lot. What is a “spirit bottle”? A spirit bottle is usually found around rural Louisiana among Black Creole Natives and also in parts of North Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia among the Irish, Scottish and Celtic descendants that came over as white indentured servants for the wealthy Englishmen.”

“Countdown To Chester’s Extinction!”

“A spirit bottle was often used to trap unclean spirits in the slave quarters among the African Slaves in the Deep South or in the servant cabins among White Irish Slaves in the Upper South. The ritual used among the peasant Celtic Tribes in colonial America involved a prayer to a Celtic God or Goddess asking the God or Goddess to help banish the unclean spirit, while one tied a string to the back part of their home and unwound the string until they were standing at the front door. The unclean spirit was commanded to follow the string and it concluded with a jar or bottle of some kind which allowed the Irish witch or voodooist to trap the spirit within the jar, it was then sealed and usually buried in the forest, Appalachian Mountains or in the case of slaves in Louisiana. the “spirit bottle” was hung some where around the plantation.”

“So when people see the big Water Tower at Warner Bros Lot, one of their main trade-marks and tourist attractions, what they may not know is that the Water Tower at Warner Bros is believed to hold the souls of actors that have been sacrificed around Hollywood by the Illuminati. What I am saying is that people in Hollywood consider the Warner Bros Water Tower, to be one big ‘Spirit Bottle’.”

My previous report detailed how MK Ultra was used via the secret Wonderland film studio on Lookout Mountain in California to program killers used for the Tate/LaBianca slayings and the Son of Sam murders. These notorious Satanic ritual slayings were the precursor to the modern “false flag”, orchestrated by Uncle Sam to push an agenda of fear and hate.

It’s said a “snuff film” starring Hillary Clinton is currently available on the dark web. Whether it is true or not, people all around the globe are now starting to question the lies being told in the mainstream news media and have begun to think the worst.