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CHILD SLAYER: The Life And Times Of “The Figure In Black”



CHILD SLAYER: The Life And Times Of “The Figure In Black”

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

(part 1 of a 3 part report)

This report originally posted on 3/25/2018

“What do we know… of the world and the universe about us? Our means of
receiving impressions are absurdly few, and our notions of surrounding objects
infinitely narrow. We see things only as we are constructed to see them, and
can gain no idea of their absolute nature. With five feeble senses we pretend
to comprehend the boundlessly complex cosmos, yet other beings with wider, stronger,
or different range of senses might not only see very differently the things we see,
but might see and study whole worlds of matter, energy, and life which lie close
at hand yet can never be detected with the senses we have.”

– H.P. Lovecraft, “From Beyond”

Since I have been writing investigative articles at THE METAL DEN, one character above all others gets asked about more than the rest, so now I felt was a good time to do a little more research on that individual.

As I reported previously, PEDOGATE is a multi-decades long nightmare of epic proportions allegedly involving some of the biggest names in politics, Hollywood and music. Over this time, the elite have carried out a covert child snatching operation profiting in the billions, that has been covered up by the police and mainstream news media. There is a ton of evidence that exists that fully backs up the claims made by many victims over the years.

#Pizzagate, the modern version of PEDOGATE, got kick started when DNC computer guy, Seth Rich, was shot dead on the street in the summer of 2016, after purportedly handing over John Podesta’s emails to WikiLeaks, some which included strange ‘code words’ for presumed pedophile activity, and ties to a place called Comet Ping Pong that serves pizza and allows a creepy pedophile rock act HEAVY BREATHING to perform for the all ages crowd.

Two rockers y’all might have heard of… named Chris Cornell (SOUNDGARDEN) and Chester Bennington (LINKIN PARK) were found dead in the same identical manner within 2 months of each other in the middle of 2017. Both musicians worked closely with child abuse charities via their foundations.

By conveniently calling my groundbreaking reporting a “hoax” like #Pizzagate it deflected attention.

I began my own independent death investigations for the late rock stars and found my way in the middle
of the chaos that was still going on with #Pizzagate and Seth Rich, for my reporting became sensationalized by the media and ultimately got labeled a “prank” I feel to divert the public’s attention from what I uncovered.

The only time I do pranks during the month of April is the 1st on “April Fools”. This is no time to be joking.

As the story goes, On August 31, 1990, Lt. Col. Michael Aquino was processed out of the Army after being investigated for Satanic ritual child abuse in the Presidio case. Despite the fact that he was never formally charged, according to court documents, Aquino was ‘titled’ in a report of investigation by the Army’s Criminal Investigative Division (CID) for “indecent acts with a child, sodomy, conspiracy and kidnapping.”

The child abuse charges stuck to Mr. Aquino because, according to the CID, the evidence of
alibi offered by Aquino in their determination “was not persuasive.”

In his defense, Mr. Aquino, claimed he was the victim of an elaborate “witch hunt”.

However, a child rights advocate thinks there is a well organized effort to stop the truth from getting out to the masses:

“I have been researching the tactics used against people who speak out against cult activity and against therapists who treat their victims. My research suggests that there exists a calculated effort to silence victim advocates through the use of manipulative set-ups, misinformation and intimidation. One can also observe this activity on the [email protected] list, where advocates of abuse victims, including myself, have been the subject of rude, ad hominem remarks such as “kook” “nut” “crazy” or “demented.” I believe the purpose of this behavior is to drive off any serious opposition from the internet and to discredit opponents. Maintaining my position against group assault from supporters of VOCAL (Victims of Child Abuse Laws), the FMSF, various Satanist’s, and those promoting North American Man/Boy Love (NAMBLA) material sometimes presents as a considerable challenge, but I’ve always considered it a form of field investigation – to research the natives, so to speak.”

Examining the evidence found in the reports along with witness statements, I believe Mr. Aquino
could very well be the notorious serial killer: “The Figure In Black”.

Some researchers believe this myth-like killing force is actually a demonic entity or spirit from the pit of hell who returned and can shapeshift while inhabiting different forms on planet earth to terrorize humans for Satan, my gut feeling tells me that the #1 suspect at this moment, Mr. Aquino, is 100% of the flesh… but he is not a pure human.

His bloodline is of the Nephilim, the fallen angels.

Rusty Nelson’s testimony about “The Finders” victim Paul Bonacci, who was made to perform in “snuff films” at the Bohemian Grove directed by Hunter S. Thompson, is beyond frightening.

It is said Paul was programmed with 120 different ‘alter’ personalities.

Like the Zodiac Killer, there was a tall man dressed in a dark druidic robe who murdered the young boy
after raping him.

A former member of the Temple of Set explains the cult’s philosophy:

“The Black Magician… rejects both the desirability of union with the Universe and any self-deceptive antics designed to create such an illusion. He has considered the existence of the individual psyche – the “core you” of your conscious intelligence – and has taken satisfaction from its existence as something unlike anything else in the universe. The Black Magician desires this psyche to live, to experience, and to continue. He does not wish to die – or to lose his consciousness and identity in a larger, universal consciousness [assuming that such exists]. He wants to be. This decision in favor of individual existence is the first premise of the Temple of Set.”

When questioned about the purported existence of MK Ultra today by the hands of Mr. Aquino himself, the Church of Set member denies that this is still an active operation, but the truth is that it has gone deep underground. Literally, the military has been digging large city sized bases underground with a special nuke powered drill. In these secret bases, including Wonderland, during the late sixties and seventies, it is well known that Mr. Aquino was the #1 programmer for MK Ultra so he would still hold top secret clearance even after he was ousted from the Army.

Just because one of Aquino’s brainwashed followers says MK Ultra does not exist is no reason to believe
that this demonic as all hell government covert operation is not still currently active, okay?

How serious did anyone take those crazy chicks from The Manson Family? Think about. Always consider the source.

In his letters to the San Francisco Examiner news paper, The Zodiac, used strange coding to send cryptic messages about his random Satanic killings.

Many investigators point to the fact that both suspects were connected to a Satanic cult in the area.

Michael Aquino was active in this part of California at this time due to his ties to the Presidio Day Care scandal and the Temple of Set which he founded after departing The Church Of Satan.

It is my belief that we are potentially dealing with the world’s first fallen angel/human hybrid psychopath trained and funded by the Army and CIA since Vietnam’s blood spraying gore fest called the Phoenix program.

With his expansive background in black magic, voodoo and witchcraft, it is not far fetched to believe that
at some point Mr. Aquino might have inadvertently even allowed a demon from hell to take possession of him and this is when the monster named “The Figure In Black” was officially born.

Either way, the evidence points to this beast being perhaps the single most prolific killer of human beings ever.

An occult investigator gives us more background on Aquino:

“A former U.S. Army Lt. Col. in the DIA’s psychological Warfare Division, Michael Aquino,
is the latest in a line of alleged government-sponsored sadists. Aquino, an eccentric
genius obsessed with Nazi pagan rituals, founded the Temple of Set, an offshoot of
Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan. Aquino was connected with the Presidio Army Base day care
scandal, in which he was accused child molestation. Much to the dismay of the young victims’
parents, all charges were dismissed. Code-named “Malcolm”, Aquino was reported to
have developed training tapes on how to create a MONARCH slave and worked as a liaison
between Government/Military Intelligence and various criminal organizations and occult
groups in the distribution of MONARCH slaves.”

Pictured: Michael Aquino, Is He “The Figure In Black”?

The tale of horror only gets darker as we learn from the research:

There is a “tangled web of money” for foster kids who are profitable for caretakers and it is out of control in America, yet everyone pretends it’s not happening. You see, the problem is that “the states receive money from the federal government for each child in foster care.”

From this comes “serious corruption”. I learned that foster care services have been known to give children to sex offenders (for a large cash payment), and shockingly, thousands of children simply vanish into thin air each month after having been placed into their new home.

Writing for Newsweek, a gentleman named Michael Dolce of the law firm Cohen Milstein, properly “summed up the statistical relationship of foster care to sexual abuse of minors.”

“Most people don’t know about our nation’s foster care to sex trafficking pipeline, but the facts are sobering. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) found that “of the more than 18,500 endangered runaways reported to NCMEC in 2016, one in six were likely victims of child sex trafficking. Of those, 86 percent were in the care of social services when they went missing.”

The outcomes of law enforcement efforts against sex traffickers repeatedly support the NCMEC estimate. In a 2013 FBI 70-city nationwide raid, 60 percent of the victims came from foster care or group homes. In 2014, New York authorities estimated that roughly 85 percent of sex trafficking victims were “previously in the child welfare system.

All of the PEDOGATE nightmare first began when a man named Lawrence King, a disturbing sadist, started procuring ‘child prostitutes’ for powerful people around the USA.

At the time, King ran the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union in Omaha, Nebraska.

But it did not stop there. This monster, along with a cast of other homicidal maniacs began to ritually murder each kid and many of the deaths were filmed.

Craig Spence, a lobbyist, was also allegedly involved in the mayhem. It is my determination that the cover up that went on with this case is the same thing happening today with #Pizzagate.

Researcher David McGowan details exactly what was found during the Franklin Cover Up investigation:

“Spence’s mansion was found to be overflowing with surveillance equipment, including hidden
cameras and microphones and an abundance of two-way mirrors. It was alleged that the ring
was part of a CIA sexual blackmail operation, gathering compromising evidence on
Washington politicos and foreign dignitaries. In August, following his arrest on weapon and
drug charges, Spence gave an interview to the Times in which he openly claimed to work for
the CIA and with high-ranking members of the Reagan and Bush administrations.”

It turns out Mr. Spence was involved in covert operations for the USA going as far back as Vietnam.

He worked under journalistic cover.

An associate who knew the man told the Washington Post:

“Spence pulled disappearing acts in Vietnam — sometimes for weeks at a time … Then he’d
turn up, refusing to say where he’d been.”

Michael Aquino purportedly was one of the special government assassins used to kill unwitting civilians
during Phoenix operation. It is possible both men’s connection starts here during the Vietnam war.

The human atrocities that Aquino is said to have committed on women and children is so grotesque
that I will spare you the most graphic details, also out of respect to the dead.

It’s on the record that Mr. Spence was known to entertain by “giving some of his ‘boys’ regular late-night tours of the White House.”

The tours got arranged by a guy named Donald Gregg, the national security adviser to then-Vice President George Bush Sr., although Mr. Gregg denied the accusation. Shocker, huh?

Keep in mind, little kids came forward and named George Bush Sr. and Michael Aquino as their abusers.

You never heard about any of that, because a media ‘blackout’ happened in both matters, and the main investigator looking into the Franklin Cover Up, named Gary Caradori, was killed in a plane crash with his young son just as he was going to drop bombshell evidence in the case.

I assure all of my fans that the terror is real, and it’s now or never for us as Americans to face the
beast head on and confront this true evil wearing the full armor of God.

This is why I wanted to examine the Presidio Daycare scandal in a way like never before. In this special 3 part report I am unleashing on the masses, more and more people all over God’s glorious creation will learn what really happened… and be made aware of the shocking injustice going on with #Pizzagate.

By exposing this madness, we start to chalk up small victories for all of the dead kids, got it? I like to think of it as ‘settling the score’. If my work, along with other investigators/researchers/journalists covering #Pizzagate, in some way adds up to an adequate army of good that can finally put the truth on record, by way of waging a battle against such a significant foe, so be it. I love a good fight.

We only live one life, that I know of. I figured it’s time to man up for Jesus Christ to prove my worthiness.

I can always catch up on Netflix later, right?

The really scary thing is that today in #Pizzagate we are dealing again with a powerful (former) lobbyist in Tony Podesta and his legendary brother John Podesta, who worked as the right hand man for the Clinton’s.

It’s my belief that these alleged sadistic child killers are getting serious protection from the mainstream news media again, and with the help of a CIA run ‘false flag’ where they sent in a crisis actor pretending to shoot up Comet Ping Pong due to what they immediately labeled as just another ‘whacky’ online conspiracy theory.



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