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DIMEBAG, The Witches Sabbath & MK Ultra Killing Machines

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DIMEBAG, The Witches Sabbath & MK Ultra Killing Machines

(part 1 of a 3 part report)

(This report originally posted on December 8, 2017)

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

DAMAGE: …loss or harm resulting from injury to person.

PLAN: … a set of decisions about how to do something in the future.

My debut three-part investigative report on late PANTERA/DAMAGEPLAN guitarist, Dimebag Darrell Abbott, generated a heavy response. A lot of fans are interested in my digging deeper into the story so that’s exactly what I am going to do.

In publishing this first part of my investigative report in honor of Dimebag and the other shooting massacre victims at Alrosa Villa on Dec 8, 2004, who lost their lives, I want us to remember that they were all innocent human beings… including Nathan Gale.

I believe Gale was a lifelong victim of CIA mind control via his military association, and by the end of this 3-part report I believe my fans will arrive at the very same conclusion. Did you know that Dimebag’s killer actually lived right next door to a masonic lodge, so it made him the perfect target to become a killing machine under control of the deep state? Once you sign your paperwork to join the military, you essentially sign your life over to Uncle Sam. I will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Gale was the unwitting victim of MK Ultra, and essentially, in what could develop into the most sensational rock story ever, the US government hijacked this dude’s mind and used him to carry out their Luciferian agenda.

But first, let’s remember Gale’s victims from that night:

Dimebag Darrell, all-time great lead guitar player of PANTERA and DAMAGEPLAN fame, 38… life of the party. A good brother, bandmate and friend. He was shot at point blank range multiple times. The final shot to the head while the guitar star was falling down was fatal.

Jeff “Mayhem” Thompson, head of security for the Abbott brothers was shot while engaging in a hand-to-hand battle with Gale.

Erin Halk, an Alrosa Villa employee, tried to charge Gale after he ran out of bullets. However, Gale, being trained by the military, was able to reload quickly, and killed Halk.

Nathan Bray, an audience member, bravely climbed onto the stage to perform CPR on Dimebag but was shot at close range and killed by Gale.

DAMAGEPLAN drum technician, Ryan “Kat” Brooks was hit several times by bullets (once in the right hand, his right leg, and his right side) while attempting to get the gun away from Gale and was taken hostage, but went on to survive.

The shooter, 25-year-old Nathan Gale, was a six-foot tall, 270-pound ex-Marine who was portrayed as a ticking time bomb that was set to go off. “He was just a crazy fan trying to talk to members of the band,” club manager Rick Cautela told Rolling Stone. “One of my guys who helps to set up the bands eventually told him to leave.”

Well, I beg to differ. Although he was certainly a troubled person, and had his scrapes with the law as a youth and young adult, I will bring forth evidence that points to Nathan Gale being yet another CIA mind-controlled killing machine subjected to cruel, inhumane abuse for years at the hands of the CIA’s shadow government, and was indeed programmed to kill on December 8, 2004.

As the story goes, that fateful night when Dime played his last show all seemed relatively normal, based off this fan’s account:

“The band and their crew were extremely professional and friendly. Jon remembers Jeff “Mayhem” Thompson (the head of the band’s security) making sure the local crew all had plenty of water and Dimebag Darrell Abbott even made small talk with some of them during the sound check. “They were all incredible,” said Jon. During the day however, a strange man made a nuisance of himself, and was finally told to leave the area by “Mayhem.” Hangers-on are common in the music business, and no one figured this guy was really dangerous. This of course turned out to be Nathan Gale, who as we know now ended up shooting six people, and killing four of them later that day. Other than that apparently minor incident, the set-up for the show went remarkably smooth. Tubbs now also remembers that just prior to the show Gale’s van was parked behind the band’s tour bus, and they announced over the PA several times for the owner to have it moved or it would be towed…which Gale reportedly did shortly before DamagePlan took the stage.”

(Photo credit: Chad Lee)

DAMAGEPLAN vocalist Patrick Lachman, who was the first to flee the stage, said this after the massacre:

“I want people to understand that the reason that we’re all here is because of Dimebag — I mean, he brought us all together. But there were people that sacrificed everything, including their own fucking lives, to try and protect him, to try and protect us. Jeff Thompson — ‘Mayhem,’ as everyone knows him. He was our personal security, but more importantly, he was a good friend to all of us. And he even stated, ‘I’d take a bullet for you.’ The way he said it, it rolled off his back, like, ‘I’d take a bullet for ya.’ And he kept his word. He gave our fucking band everything we ever wanted, including his fucking life to save ours. It’s pretty fucking amazing. He gave the ultimate sacrifice to take care of the people that he loved. He’s part of the family. So many other heroic things happened that night.”Our tour manager, Chris Paluska, tried to stop the guy that created this nightmare, took a bullet in the chest. Pretty fucking brave thing to do. I put him on the fucking stretcher myself. That was the only thing that I could do, you know. John Graham, a.k.a. Bushman, a.k.a. Pete High, saved Vinnie Paul’s life, pushed him down to the floor, jumped on top of him like a goddamned CIA, fucking Secret Service agent. That’s why Vinnie Paul’s alive today.”

Funny that Lachman should bring up specifically the word “sacrifice”, along with the “CIA”, huh?

Ritual sacrifice sanctioned hits have been bankrolled by the CIA for decades.

Notice how Lachman said “I put him on the fucking stretcher myself”? Maybe he was speaking to a deeper meaning of the shootings. Luciferians like to put it right out in the open.

Odd how tough and bold Lachman talks after the shootings occurred. When the initial shots went off, he was the first person, before any woman had a chance to grab her purse and run, macho man took off like a scared child. All that he did was yell “Call for help”.

The truth is Dime battled Lachman over the vocalist not wanting to sing Pantera songs in the Damageplan set. Dime told the vocalist, “Dude you knew what you were getting into when you signed up”, but still Lachman create tension because he was a CIA plant, in my opinion. It’s blatantly obvious.

Among his many tattoos, I noticed the 5-point Satanic star on Lachman’s arm.

In the mid-90s, former PANTERA vocalist Phil Anselmo began to record for several side projects under the pseudonym Anton Crowley, most notably with the band Viking Crown.

The name Anton Crowley is taken from British occultist Aleister Crowley and Anton LaVey (Founder and High Priest of the Church of Satan).

According to their site:

“Membership to the Church is gained by paying $225 and filling out a registration statement, and thus initiates are bestowed with lifetime memberships and not charged annual fees. The church emphasizes that one does not have to join the organization to consider oneself a Satanist, and that one only needs to recognize himself in The Satanic Bible and live according to the tenets outlined therein. The Church states they do not solicit memberships nor proselytize.”

Of course, we all know Phil Anselmo was in another band at the time of the tragic mass shooting. And they were about as Satanic as you can get. I attended several concerts for this new super dark band he was fronting after the split from Dime and PANTERA.

The name of his project, Superjoint Ritual, comes from a lyric in the Darkthrone song, “The Pagan Winter”.

Horned master of endless time
Summon thy unholy disciples
Trained for centuries to come.
Gather on the highest mountain
United by hatred;
The final superjoint ritual

This, the pagan winter
Kept for the obscure (ones)
Candles hold the only light
Sextons hide in fear

For this eternal winter
A new god ruled the sky
The million hands of joy
Have something holy to burn

From the top of the world one could see
The white light servants flee
Engulfed in an infernal cyclone
Created by (our) blasphemy

Religious bodies crossed the sky
The vision was our wine
Roar of fire, feeble fools
Into the furnace fire

Phil Anselmo has been seen touring with his other band DOWN wearing Tom Denney’s Baphomet art on a shirt which the artist did for the Arkansas black metal band called HYMNS.

I spoke on the phone with a man who will remain anonymous who once dated Phil’s old girlfriend, Jill Abbott, who oddly enough died a strange murder right before Christmas several years ago.

He spoke to me in detail about how Phil had a pool shaped like the Satanic Pentagram and scared off Jill Abbott (no relation just a coincidence, though Dime always joked she was long last family) with his scary demonic rituals that she split and went back to California to get far the hell away from him.

Dimebag loved Jill because she was a major supporter of PANTERA back in their heyday, and she loved him right back. I never knew of a more dedicated fan even in her final years as Jill.

But it gets me to wondering if there isn’t more to that story too, you know? All I know is Jill had contacted me online about meeting up for the races at Texas Motor Speedway but I was not able to hook up with her… because I had just started dating another woman named Hope I would later marry.

Near the end of Anselmo and Dimebag working together in PANTERA, as I understand it Dime was having to drive all the way out to rural Louisiana to meet with him because Phil no longer showed interest in going to Texas to record or to meet with anyone to talk band business. The estrangement wore heavy on Dimebag. It seriously tore him up inside.

“I don’t know what Phil’s problem is… all I ever did was play my ass off for the guy.” – Dimebag

In this in-depth interview with Damageplan from 2004, you hear Dimebag explain the bitter PANTERA breakup and ugly feud with Anselmo that was being played out in the media via clickbait sites.

When I last interviewed Anselmo, we discussed the controversy with the Rebel flag, and he had this to say.

When I asked him about the rebel flag, he responded: “I didn’t invent the damn thing.”

During the interview he also stated a reunion of the surviving PANTERA members would be “good money”.

Fans worked hard to try and make this happen, myself the main ringleader. There was hope of a potential reunion of the surviving PANTERA members as a way to honor Darrell, but that was not to be, and for sure was not going to happen once Anselmo at Dimebash 2016 shouted the Nazi slogan “White Power” and a major backlash in the media ensued.

To make it even more of a snake move by Anselmo, he backtracked when confronted by the media he claims to hate so much but appears in as many magazines and interview throughout the year as any other celebrity I see around, and said a heckler in the crowd provoked him to launch the racist remarks.

I feel this was all done as part of his work as a CIA operative, for the NWO agenda, to further pit whites versus blacks, again backing up the Manson/CIA connection with Wonderland studio in Laurel Canyon and the most powerful rock musicians like his buddy Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains.

Anselmo is a known supporter of Charles Manson, having worn his face on a shirt even.

The Church of Satan has many entertainment elite among its membership, purportedly including Kenneth Anger, Jim Carrey, Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty, along with Johnny Depp, Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper, plus many others.

Witches’ Sabbath by Museo del Prado

Even more sinister is the fact that the CIA’s program of research in behavioral modification on human beings remains declassified. Though at one time the United States government actually issued a national apology for the program while Bill Clinton was in office. Wasn’t that a kind thing to do?

I know what would be even better. How about Uncle Sam stop illegally hijacking the minds of citizens and using them to do really Satanic shit? Too much to ask for?

To the contrary, the Church of Satan does not release membership information, so it is not publicly known how many members belong to the Church or their names. So much for being transparent, huh?

“The 1973 US Army Chaplain’s Handbook written by Cecil D Lewis stated that once memberships reached ten thousand the figures were no longer made public. The 2000 edition of the Chaplain’s handbook edited by J. Gordon Melton, removed this observation and simply stated the Church does not publish membership information. According to the Church of Satan web page, memberships are for a lifetime and membership has “always grown as the years pass”. Despite no official published membership number, the issue of membership size continues to be debated. According to Maxwell Davies, estimates have placed membership from 300 to 20,000. Sociologist Massimo Introvigne placed membership at 1,000 in 1997, and in his 2016 book Satanism: A Social History stated that Church membership probably “never exceeded one or two thousand”.”

Based off the research I have done into the American covens alone currently active in the USA, tied to over 56,000 masonic lodges nationally. I have estimated that the number of Satanic devil worshippers is around 4 million in 2017… up from late FBI agent Ted Gunderson’s estimation of 2 million active Satanists.

Church of Satan Hierarchy

Registered Member (no degree)
Active Member (first degree)
Witch/Warlock (second degree)
Priestess/Priest (third degree)
Magistra/Magister (fourth degree)
Maga/Magus (fifth degree).

On June 6, 2006 the Church of Satan conducted a Satanic ‘High Mass’ at the Center for Inquiry West’s Steve Allen Theater in Los Angeles, California. The event was by invitation only, and over one hundred members of the Church of Satan from around the world filled the theatre to capacity. The event was documented, and many members of the Church of Satan were interviewed, by the BBC with permission. The main ritual, based on the rites outlined in The Satanic Bible and The Satanic Rituals, was conducted by Reverend Bryan Moore and Priestess Heather Saenz. The music for the mass was created and performed by Lustmord and was subsequently released on his album Rising.

Memberships may be terminated on written request of the member, at the discretion of the ruling body of the Church of Satan consisting of the High Priest, the High Priestess, and the Council of Nine.

Church membership operates “on a system of degrees, with active membership being the first degree. One must apply and be approved for an active membership, and this is subject to one’s answers to a lengthy series of questions. Promotion to a higher degree is by invitation only, and the requirements for each degree are not open to the public. Members of the third through fifth degrees constitute the Priesthood.”

Nathan Miles Gale

BIRTH Sep 11, 1979 Marysville, Union County, Ohio, USA

DEATH Dec 8, 2004 Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio, USA

BURIAL Cremated, Ashes given to family

Near the end of his life, Gale came home from the Marines with medication for a mental illness, his mother admitted to authorities, but she did not know whether he took the pills.

Major Jason Johnston, a Marine Corps spokesman at the Pentagon, said legal reasons prohibit him from discussing why Gale was discharged.

Basically, my opinion is that they know Gale was picked to become a covert assassin for the CIA, and there is a mountain of evidence they are trying to hide.

During the rampage, a nurse named Mindy Reece, 28, went over to administer aid to Dimebag. She and another fan performed CPR until paramedics arrived, but were unable to save the guitar hero.

“Police: Killer Didn’t Say Anything To DIMEBAG Before Shooting Him” Jan. 13, 2005

Was Dimebag’s slaying an orchestrated Satanic cult sacrifice? Are there really sinister forces at work?

Satanic witches and warlocks apparently thrive off human sacrifice. It is a necessity. That is because they actually gain power from the demonic murders.

Taking a closer look at the concept of what is called the Sabbath, or ‘Sabbat’, I learned:

“This type of gathering is also a concept that appears often in the history of art. The Sabbath was a witchy rendezvous at night (obvie) and in the depths of a forest or some other remote venue (obvie). According to the superstitions that date back to the middle ages, witches would transport themselves to the Sabbath by stripping naked and rubbing their bodies with grease or unguent made of the fat of babies that would cause them to levitate. Once airborne and mounted on a broomstick or goat (which was really a demon disguised as a goat), the witches would fly to the Sabbath where they would engage in various rituals of magic, sexual orgies with each other or with demons, wild dancing, worshiping and sacrifices to the Devil, and cannibalistic feasting on children. Many types of conjuring was also believed to take place here in the form of spells to manipulate the weather or to exert sexual power over men, among others.”

I noticed that Anselmo’s own property in New Orleans, Louisiana is basically surrounded by thick forest.

Being a devil worshipper means he needs to sacrifice someone he knows and cares about to Satan.

Since the 90s, Washington D.C. elite witch Hillary Clinton has proposed solutions to gun violence with major gun control, while working under the Bush administration, and along with her alleged child eating devil worshipping pals like John Podesta and James Alefantis of Comet Ping Pong, who both collect pedophile artwork and enjoy attending HEAVY BREATHING rock shows, she likes attending “pizza parties” where it’s believed child raping and murder occurs, along with snuff film production.

As I reported previously, a man hacked into the computer at Comet Ping Pong and found child porn a year ago but DC police will not doing anything about it.

Alefantis purportedly made a death threat to another “truther”. I learned in Dimebag’s case, that Nathan Gale supposedly had been stalking and threatening he and his brother’s DAMAGEPLAN band prior to December 8th, 2004, which leads me to believe that there is more to the story than just this guy heard some voices one day and decided to go on a major killing rampage… like the mainstream Illuminati controlled media wants us to believe.

If they have been telling lies already, and getting caught telling them all the time. Guess what? The news media you grew up idolizing is nothing more than American Nazi operatives thwarting Americans rights to freedom of speech and the right to bear arms.

All you have to do is look at the botched ‘false flag’ Las Vegas concert shooting, where many witnesses now have come forward and said there were multiple shooters, not just one lone (white) gunman.

© Joe Giron

“No one knows why some people do the heinous things they do,” DAMAGEPLAN band said in a statement after the shootings. “Dimebag Darrell was the epitome of Rock and Roll. He wasn’t just a player that all guitarists aspired to be, but the genuine article and a true friend.”

What if the dude who shot Dimebag and the others that night did not even know what he was doing?

The fact that he was mysteriously let go from the military, for which nobody there wants to admit what happened, it certainly points to their potentially being some CIA programming involved, which explains why Gale looks to have been a mind controlled robot who was just carrying out his orders for Satan AKA Uncle Sam.

Dimebag’s case looks to be yet another in a long line of government run assassinations in the guise of a white, mentally ill whacko running around with a gun.

This agenda to take guns away from all American citizens has been going on for a long time, and not just in the USA, I believe one day the New World Order has plans to make sure that you lose that right.

As I crawl deeper down the rabbit hole on Dimebag’s case, my goal is to not only provide my readers with the most comprehensive and detailed retelling of the events that led up to the murders at Alrosa Villa, but to also lend some damn humanity to the situation, even all of these years later. Yes, it is a very dark story that I have to revisit, and I try to do it with tact, however, I really want society to learn what is truly happening. We are all living in the great upside down. Nothing is what it appears.

In the book titled Vulgar Display of Power: Courage and Carnage at the Alrosa Villa by Chris Arnold is a book about Gale. It describes how, “starting at the age of 12, Gale had numerous juvenile arrests for shoplifting, domestic violence, vandalism, public obscenity, drug possession, and other charges. His probation officer noted that he was a loner who acted up for attention he did not receive from his mother due to her working several jobs to make ends meet and the abandonment of his father.”

After graduating high school in 1997, Gale was unemployed and continued living with his mother. In December 1997, she awoke early in the morning to find her son pacing the living room saying over and over that people were videotaping him through their windows, which she believed was a delusion brought on by his constant use of psychedelic drugs (LSD).

Gale was unable to keep a job with his bad temper apparently, so he joined the United States Marine Corps in 2001.

Gale’s mother claimed, “he was discharged from the Marines in 2003 because the military had diagnosed him with paranoid schizophrenia.” The discharge came only two years into his four year enlistment. She also said that her son definitely had a drug problem during high school, was way too obsessed with Pantera and that he believed Pantera stole and used his lyrics.

According to this report, the evil Jesuits and Vatican go hand in hand:

“The Jesuits are a secretive organization that are taught and told to never seek recognition or office, in fact, Jesuits typically vow never to take ecclesiastical office, such as a bishopric, unless ordered to by the pope. But what happens when a Jesuit becomes the Pope? Pope Francis, formally Jorge Mario Bergoglio, is the first Jesuit to ever, ever become Pope and according to their inner workings – putting such an outsider at the head of an institution mired by difficulties is a bold move, and such signaled that significant changes were coming.”

Before becoming Pope Francis, then-Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio accepted an honorary membership in the Rotary Club/Masonic Lodge of Buenos Aires.

Uncle Sam killed Dimebag I believe because PANTERA became too powerful in the 90s and the New World Order rap music agenda of ‘global mixing’ was in full swing and they could not allow a white guy playing lead guitar in a heavy metal band to hold more influence than they did, got it? Dimebag was in the way and held far too much power, specifically among young adult male’s minds, perhaps even more so than the president.

I believe Nathan Gale was picked to become a CIA killer robot prior to even setting foot in the boot camp. The military recruiters sought him out, because he looked like the perfect type. A big loner. And then once they got him into the service they falsely discharged him for schizophrenia, because why would they have taken him into boot camp if he was crazy to begin with? They made him crazy, and then cut him loose to go kill for their globalist agenda. Think about it.

Of course his records in the military will conveniently remain sealed I am sure, for it is very difficult to get classified info into the ‘declassified’ status, mainly since I am not a relative.

Sidney Gottlieb (1918-1999) was director from 1953 to 1964 of the MK-ULTRA Project. MK-ULTRA was a secret CIA-run Chemical and Biological Warfare program created at the height of the Cold War. Its main purpose was the development of ‘chemical techniques of brainwashing, espionage and mind control’.

Dr Gottlieb specialized in the development of lethal toxins and other biological agents. His clandestine weaponry was designed to assassinate Third World leaders allegedly hostile to US interests (e.g. Fidel Castro in Cuba, Patrice Lumumba in the Congo, Abdul Kassem in Iraq). Dr Gottlieb also sought to exploit the military potential of mind-altering drugs such as lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). According to Martin Lee and Bruce Shlain [authors of Acid Dreams: The CIA, LSD, and the Sixties Rebellion, Grove Press, 1986] CIA operatives tested LSD by agreeing…

“… among themselves to slip LSD into each other’s drinks. The target never knew when his turn would come, but as soon as the drug was ingested a … colleague would tell him so he could make the necessary preparations (which usually meant taking the rest of the day off). Initially the leaders of MK-ULTRA restricted the surprise acid tests to [their own] members, but when this phase had run its course they started dosing other Agency personnel who had never tripped before. Nearly everyone was fair game, and surprise acid trips became something of an occupational hazard among CIA operatives…. The Office of Security felt that [MK-ULTRA] should have exercised better judgment in dealing with such a powerful and dangerous chemical. The straw that broke the camel’s back came when a Security informant got wind of a plan by a few [MK-ULTRA] jokers to put LSD in the punch served at the annual CIA Christmas office party … a Security memo writer… concluded indignantly and unequivocally that he did ‘not recommend testing in the Christmas punch bowls usually present at the Christmas office parties.'”

“The man in the photo, taken at McGill University in 1951, is 17-year-old Leonard Cohen. He’s wearing a blindfold, and his ears, fingers and hands are encased in padded restraints which prevent movement and cut off all sensory stimulation. This is one of Dr. Donald Hebb’s famous/notorious sensory isolation experiments, for which student volunteers were paid the then-princely sum of $20 a day. Some of the volunteers were unable to stand this torture for more than a few hours. Some tore off the bandages and banged on the door of the isolation chamber, screaming and crying to be released. Back in the 1980s, when I lived next door to him, Leonard Cohen once told me he enjoyed these experiments. He said he learned to dissociate, leave his body, and go on long voyages through the universe. The experience was so pleasant that later he volunteered to be placed in a flotation tank while on LSD. He enjoyed that, too. We now know that D.O. Hebb’s sensory isolation experiments became the foundation for torture techniques used by the CIA etc. in its secret prisons around the planet. Hebb, a neurologist, had CIA clearance, and also allegedly experimented on small children, mainly orphans and aboriginal children who arrived in his laboratory..”

Later LSD trials used prisoners, mental patients and prostitutes as subjects. Dr Gottlieb was supposedly the inspiration behind Dr Strangelove in Stanley Kubrick’s satirical 1964 masterpiece.

Less than a year before his fatal attack, on April 5, 2004, Gale had a fight with security guards on stage during a Damageplan show in Cincinnati, Ohio, causing about $1,800 in damages

“A man who killed the heavy metal guitarist Darrell Abbott and three others at a concert in Columbus had an onstage fight with security officers at a show by Mr. Abbott and his band Damageplan a year ago in Cincinnati, the authorities said. The gunman, Nathan Gale, jumped on the stage at a show on April 5, 2004, and caused about $1,800 in damage during a struggle with security, according to police reports.”

The CIA, once they have control over you, can basically remote control you with “trigger” words that can be delivered in many different ways, but typically over the phone. Your handler can call you at any point and snap you from one reality into another. It is that simple. It is that real. You all who live in denial still of what is going on are not doing right by your family and countryman.

Nobody deserves to be subjected to something they have no idea is being done to them. That is beyond cruel. That is straight up the most inhumane act of all time, and Nathan Gale, like Dimebag, along with the others shot dead on December 8, 2004 did not deserve to die in such a brutal manner.

It is beyond cowardly what is going on in America today. You can either wake up or keep living in La La land.



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