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ROCKET REVIEW: LYNCH MOB – “The Brotherhood” (CD)

TMD Rocks!

American metal band LYNCH MOB has remained one of my favorites over the years. I can recall rolling in my friend’s van to Kern river in California in the early nineties cranking their ass kicking debut album. Those were the good days for sure. In 2017, legendary shredder George Lynch returns with original vocalist Oni Logan to deliver another gem The Brotherhood, and without a doubt this is one of their best releases ever. The listener is treated to twelve smoking hot tunes. Kicking off with the rocking “Main Offender”, next up is the brilliant “Mr. Jekyll And Hyde”, followed by the catchy “I’ll Take Miami” and grooving “Last Call Lady”. However, it is the out of this world good solos by the master Lynch on “Where We Started” that will definitely catch your attention. Logan’s vocals are pure gold too. When is he not great? This dude is one of the best rock vocalists that has ever lived. Up next is the hypnotic “The Forgotten Maiden’s Pearl” and “Until The Sky Comes Down”. Jimmy D’Anda on drums and Sean McNabb on bass do a perfect job laying down a solid rhythm for Lynch and Logan to do their magic.

Over the years I guess you could say I always rocked out this great band’s tunes with my best friends and I have a lot of awesome memories attached to them due to that. Mainly during the summertime. So the album title has deep meaning to me for that very reason alone. The momentum does not slow down with “Black Heart Days” and my personal favorite “Black Mountain”. Let me say that George Lynch turns in one of his most smoking guitar performances of his career on the latter track, lighting up the fretboard with a blazing vengeance unlike nobody else alive. There is a ton of pure blues feel and truly soulful lyrics. The album concludes with the crushing “Dog Town Mystics”, a gutsy power ballad titled “Miles Away” with yet more top notch guitar soloing by Lynch and sadly comes to an end with “Until I Get My Gold”, which gives it all sorts of hell for sure (and includes some jamming harmonica to boot). This album is being given a perfect score not only for the brilliant songwriting and vocals by Logan, but point blank this is a record that fans of rock guitar must add to their collection it is that amazing. Producer Chris Collier should be given a special award for delivering hands down the best album of the year nobody saw coming.

Rocket Rules!

5 stars out of 5!
LYNCH MOB – “The Brotherhood” (CD)

(Rat Pak Records/2017)

1. Main Offender
2. Mr. Jekyll And Hyde
3. I’ll Take Miami
4. Last Call Lady
5. Where We Started
6. The Forgotten Maiden’s Pearl
7. Until The Sky Comes Down
8. Black Heart Days
9. Black Mountain
10. Dog Town Mystics
11. Miles Away
12. Until I Get My Gold