June 14, 2024

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TMD Rocks!

DEAD CROSS is the perfect mix of hardcore punk and the out of this world heavy metal sounds that only the likes of Ex-SLAYER drummer, Dave Lombardo, working with the incomparable Mike Patton of FAITH NO MORE could produce. Michael Crain on guitar and Justin Pearson on bass, come from the punk band RETOX, and together all four men absolutely slay on the ten tracks with their frantic, garageband assault.

Lead vocalist Mike Patton is perhaps the most angry sounding of his entire career on this collection of psychotic ragers. The crazy he breaks out on these songs makes Mr. Bungle look like Romper Room. Kicking off with the head splitting “Seizure and Desist”, the nightmare music party begins with a bang, followed by “Idiopathic” and “Obedience School”. Next up is the fast as hell “Shillelagh”, followed by my personal favorite, “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”, and the wicked “Divine Filth”.

The 28 minute slam-a-thon odyssey concludes with “Grave Slave”, “The Future Has Been Cancelled”, “Gag Reflex”, and “Church of the Motherfuckers”. Any fan of extreme metal music will want to add this masterpiece to their collection. It will definitely make my list of best metal albums of 2017.

5 Stars
DEAD CROSS – “Dead Cross” (CD)

(Ipecac Recordings/2017)

Dead Cross Track Listing:

01. Seizure and Desist
02. Idiopathic
03. Obedience School
04. Shillelagh
05. Bela Lugosi’s Dead
06. Divine Filth
07. Grave Slave
08. The Future Has Been Cancelled
09. Gag Reflex
10. Church of the Motherfuckers