June 13, 2024

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CHRIS CORNELL – The Death Investigation Summation

TMD Fights For Chris!

As TMD prepares to deliver its initial death investigation report of SOUNDGARDEN’s Chris Cornell to Detroit PD at the start of next week, tonight readers will be allowed to see some of the key pieces of evidence that will be issued in a ‘summation’ format. So as to not totally compromise the investigation, however, a select few critical items of evidence in the final report submitted to police handling the case will not be viewable to the public until after the matter is officially closed by authorities.


The coroner’s technician who processes the deceased individual at the scene normally takes a body’s temperature, while also measuring the temperature of the surrounding environment—air, water, snow, or dirt, cold concrete, etc. The body temperature is typically taken rectally.

This should only be conducted by a trained individual and under the supervision of the medical examiner The sooner after death the body is found, the more accurately time of death can be determined via this method.

By altering the timeline as TMD’s investigation has fully documented this week the bodyguard and Vicky had more time to eliminate any possibility for the medical examiner to reach a precise determination of when Chris died.

This way they could sell the altered narrative and not get caught.

According to the autopsy report, the medical examiner Theodore Brown while performing the exam of Chris Cornell’s corpse on May 18, noted that “livor mortis” was observable on the body.

While “livor mortis” normally starts in 20–30 minutes, it’s usually not fully observable by the human eye until a MINIMUM of two hours after death.

(Pictured: NOT Chris Cornell. This is a forensic example of “livor mortis” on a corpse.)

This completely destroys the timeline given by the bodyguard that he found Chris dead
upon his 2nd visit back to room #1136 at 12:15AM. There is no possible way “liver mortis”
would have been viewable to the human eye by anyone on planet earth until after 2:15AM at the very minimum.

Well if Chris was pronounced dead at 1:30AM by EMS, and his body was next transported
to the the local morgue immediately after (once homicide processed scene, watched video, took Kirsten’s statement) at around 2AM for an autopsy it’s TMD’s belief that those “livor mortis” spots would NOT have been observable yet by the coroner.

Looking at the facts, it’s easy to see when the actual murder took place by simply moving back
the clock from 2AM to exactly 12 midnight.

This would easily put Chris Cornell and his bodyguard Martin Kirsten in room #1136 alone
together and would fit perfect with the actual events starting with SOUNDGARDEN ending
their concert at Fox Theatre at 11:15PM, taking roughly 10 minutes with fans after for pictures and whatnot, another 5 minute car ride back to the hotel, putting Chris in front of the
MGM Grand at 11:30PM.

TMD has provided a new eyewitness account of a fan who received an autograph on his ticket
at that EXACT time.

Next Vicky is said to have called Chris at 11:35PM.

If she noticed something was “wrong” with him as she claims and he was “slurring” and acting “aggressive like when he took Oxycontin 14 years ago” why did it take so long for the bodyguard Kirsten to be notified and immediately run over from his room to check on Chris, which was only 2 doors down on the same floor?

And why didn’t this fan who got the autograph from Chris within 1 hour of his death notice anything was wrong? It was the total opposite in reality. He claimed Chris seemed his ‘usual self’.

Think about it. The bodyguard says that he next found Chris dead at 12:15AM, right? He made
a big scene of kicking in a supposed “latched from the inside” front door so the cameras recorded it for the police. He knew if they bought that he was essentially going to get away free and clear
with the murder of a rock n roll legend.

People… that is 40 minutes of MISSING TIME in between the moment Vicky Cornell realized her husband was obviously relapsing on the phone and when the bodyguard actually says he shows up to check on Chris in room #1136.

It took him 40 minutes to walk two doors down the hallway?

That makes no sense at all.

If anyone working near Chris was really that damn concerned about the musician, he had just
been surrounded by multiple armed personnel downstairs when signing autographs, along with his own personal bodyguard, Martin Kirsten, right?

Why would someone “paid to protect” you take 40 MINUTES to check on your well being?

As the story goes, a seemingly “good spirited” Chris Cornell leaves from signing autographs than steps into an elevator and rides 11 floors up to go to his room where he’s given 2 Ativan by the bodyguard, and helped with his computer. Soon after comes Vicky’s call with Chris at 11:35PM.

So Vicky becomes desperate in her thinking as she claims, right? (“I have to help Chris, he’s in trouble!”)

That is the logical reaction any woman would have for the father of her children, right?

Then why in the hell would it have taken 40 MINUTES to get someone over to room #1136?

Why? Because helping him was a lost cause at that point… for Chris Cornell had already been strangled to death by the bodyguard at midnight.