June 14, 2024

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CHRIS CORNELL, His Last Day Alive & Homicidal Strangulation!

TMD has more evidence that supports its theory of Chris Cornell being murdered… and not committing suicide. Everyone close to the late rocker around the band, including his manager said Chris was “fine” and generally in good spirits. Even Vicky his wife said there was nothing that seemed wrong with him.. of course she changed the narrative after that to say he was upset and “acting aggressive”.

Vicky has had a serious habit of changing her story and major details all along the investigation. Now she has seemingly gone radio silent since TMD’s acclaimed investigation began to break.

Tonight THE METAL DEN looks to establish the mood of Chris Cornell on his final night alive. After all, there were a lot more things to live for… than not.. when looking at his life. He was one of the world’s most beloved rock stars. He had a wife and a loving family he cared about very much. And he was worth millions of dollars. Keep in mind, Chris was working on a new SOUNDGARDEN album too that would be coming out in the future.

Now a fan has reportedly discussed meeting Chris Cornell and having him sign his Soundgarden ticket just before he entered the MGM hotel in Detroit in a message on eBay.

“I’ve seen Chris in concert more than a dozen times. This time was no different.

The man asked Chris to sign his ticket.

“He signed the ticket 45 minutes before he died at the front door of the MGM. I’ve met him 6 other times. He was quiet and thanked the fans. Same as he always did.

“All the media saying ‘something was different’ is complete nonsense.”

“I was shocked.” The fan continues. “This ticket was signed at his hotel immediately following the concert, and this happened only about an hour before he passed away. He signed a couple vinyl records and CD covers for me and my ticket stub. Please see the date of the ticket stub. This item was signed in permanent black Sharpie. He had a police escort after the show, was traveling with private security, and there was hotel security.”

TMD’s acclaimed “Latch Theory” is the basis for understanding how such a major crime could be so perfectly covered up. It works on the belief that Chris’ bodyguard, Martin Kirsten, the last man to see him alive is the prime suspect.

(Pictured: Martin Kirsten, The Last Man To See Chris Breathing)

Earlier this week, TMD provided to the world the actual phone call records for 911 EMS response to MGM Grand Hotel on May 18th. According to the public record provided via Data.Detroit.Gov widget online, the first 911 call for Chris Cornell came in at 12:59:47 AM not 12:15AM. So this means that the official timeline is A BIG FAT LIE!

Also, TMD has established 9 rib fractures based off the finding in the post mortem report that cannot be explained away as common CPR injury.

Now TMD has posted the actual EMS phone call back to dispatch (at 1:30AM) that includes the medic noting “Possible signs of strangulation & trauma to back of the head”, along with the fact that ‘Petechial Hemorrhages’ were seen in the eyes by the medical examiner (that Chris displayed during the post mortem exam) very rarely ever occur in a suicide by hanging.

And looking closer at the screenshot (seen above) captured from the video of his final live performance, it’s clearly evident that Chris suffered a serious head injury before the gig. Look closely, a chunk of his hair has either been pulled out at the roots or it was burned off. Notice the fully exposed scalp? That’s dramatic. That is real. Was Chris trying to send us all a message from the grave by not covering the spot up during the show by just easily combing hair over it or maybe, I dunno, put at least a bandage on it. Why was he being so neglected when he had so many people around him? Not one of the other members of Soundgarden could tell there was something terribly wrong with the man fronting their band?

And TMD has provided photo proof that the concert before the final one, Chris clearly does not have a big chunk of hair missing from the back of his head. Look closely for yourself.

Billboard posted a concert review of the final gig and stated the vocalist was in “seemingly high spirits”.

Finally, an insider told PEOPLE that on May 4th – two weeks before his tragic death – Chris pushed his flight from Atlanta, Georgia, back a day over safety concerns about flying in inclement weather.

The next week, on May 9, Cornell made a similar choice after hearing his flight from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, was delayed due to mechanical issues. The source says that Cornell was nervous to fly due to potential plane issues, and instead drove a rental car over seven and a half hours to his intended destination.


Now does this sound like a man who wanted to end it all?


The head trauma noted by EMS and fans who watched video of Chris’ last concert spotted is clearly a large chunk of hair missing and some scalp trauma, yet it was suspiciously not mentioned in the official autopsy report? And it was not seen during his second to last concert? When did this happen? Why did nobody pull Chris to the side before going out on the stage and saying, “Hey, man… is everything okay?”

According to Forensic Pathology Online site, during what is called HOMICIDAL STRANGULATION,
if the person is taken unaware, and the ligature is placed around the neck suddenly and pulled tightly, the person loses consciousness quickly… and is unable to offer much resistance.

If the person is weak, fatigued, or knocked unconscious with a blow to the head OR by ‘intoxicating drugs’ there may be ZERO signs of struggle.

If the clothing of the deceased is torn it indicates a struggle took place. If there was a struggle both victim and assailant will typically show abrasions and contusions.

(Pictured: NOT Chris Cornell’s Corpse. This example is of a body from a case where their death was fabricated as hanging only later to be proven a homicidal strangulation.)