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ROCKET Interviews Bassist John Jarvis

TMD Rocks!

Rocket of TMD recently conducted a phone interview with bassist John Jarvis of SCOUR and PIG DESTROYER.

Today SCOUR has unleashed their debut EP via Housecore Records! This is black metal in its most brutal form!! Get out and support the underground of metal!!!


“After listening to the record for the first time, I knew immediately that these cats are on to something killer. SCOUR, a super metal band that teams Anselmo up with John Jarvis (PIG DESTROYER), Derek Engemann (CATTLE DECAPITATION), Chase Fraser (DECREPIT BIRTH) and Jesse Schobel (STRONG INTENTION), are straight ahead blackened death with no-frills. There is some brief guitar soloing but nothing out of this world ‘musicianship-wise’ that is going to make your jaw drop open, and the songs are pretty short, but no doubt this material is absolutely brutal in its simplistic, yet explosive delivery.” – Rocket, TMD

Check out the interview HERE.