June 22, 2024

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ROCKET REVIEW: APE CAVE – “Pillars Of Evolution”

TMD Rocks!

American stoner metal band APE CAVE has issued their debut full length studio effort in 2016 entitled “Pillars Of Evolution”. Available in digital format only, the self-released collection of sludge heavy head crushers had me from the very first moment the music began to enrapture my ears with its glorious, non-stop onslaught of LSD rock. The opening track “Vesuvius” is right up there with the most killer sounding tunes I have heard in recent memory. The haunting vibe of this band sneaks into your soul a little in that they have the ability to totally hypnotize the listener with their slow but groovy, absolutely dragged out like a wicked mushroom experience. They have that freak you out kinda quality, much like Black Sabbath did when they first came out in the 70’s. The second song is the title track and is a genius instrumental. I can’t say enough about how original and exciting these cats come off.

They don’t shred. I don’t think you hear one scream (some roars maybe) on any of the eight cuts on this debut release, but these dudes will blow your nuts off with their intensity. Up next is “Road To Ladakh”, “Pharaoh’s Eclipse”, and “Pyramid”. You will fall more in love with them each minute if you truly are into heavy metal music. This debut will go down as a classic for sure. What I dig the most are the dark, unsettling riffs by Paul McGaha on guitar and powerful performance by Nathan Nielson on vocals. My personal favorite song follows next. “Pharaoh’s Eclipse” has Pantera-style spoken word on it that worked really effectively for me. Bobby Rosson on drums with Gage Dean on bass do a rocking job of orchestrating the slamming rhythm that is truly engrossing. The album concludes with “Pyramid”, “36”, “Ego Death”, and “Etna”. I can’t wait to hear more music in the future from this band and expect really big things to happen for them.

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APE CAVE – “Pillars Of Evolution”

1 – Vesuvius
2 – Ape Cave
3 – Road To Ladakh
4 – Pharaoh’s Eclipse
5 – Pyramid
6 – 36
7 – Ego Death
8 – Etna