June 16, 2024

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ROCKET REVIEW: KILLING FLOOR 2 – Video Game & Soundtrack


Killing Floor 2 is a rocking as all hell first-person shooter video game that is hands down my pick for the best overall title of 2015. It can be played in offline solo mode alone or ‘online’ with up to six players. The game is based on events from the original Killing Floor game, wherein a deadly outbreak from the bio-tech firm ‘Horzine’ begins producing terrifying creatures named ‘Zeds’ that quickly spread across Europe. Basically your job is to kill as many of these gruesome fuckers as possible. And while I kid about how ugly some of these monsters are, I must admit that even for a seasoned horror fan like myself some of the content in this game is definitely over the top in its depiction of violence and is not safe for little kids. The bloodbath that ensues would make Linda Blair’s character, Regan MacNeil, in The Exorcist film want to hide under her damn bed. Unlike any other title I’ve ever played in my life, KILLING FLOOR 2 is simply off the charts when it comes to taking ‘game play gore’ to another level entirely.

KF2 takes place one month after the original, and we pick up where the outbreak itself has now gone well past Europe, overthrowing entire governments and destroying all lines of possible communication. My favorite effect is when you get killed and are “skinned alive”. It is totally gnarly in its all out gory detail. You will become totally addicted once you drop in on killing ‘Zeds’ with a various assortment of weaponry ranging from high powered assault rifles to a lawn-mower blade or an EMP grenade to stun and damage the Zeds.

2015-12-11 17.06.55

I played the PC version on my new HP Pavilion Notebook (model 15-ab267nr) touchscreen with Intel Core i5 processor that my wife Hope gave to me as an early Xmas present this year. I am really hard to impress when it comes to graphics these days, mostly losing interest of stuff that looks too campy, but the first thing that made my jaw drop wide open was how good this game looks and how fast it moves without being too hard to follow.


The soundtrack for the game totally blew me away. It’s mainly industrial metal with some groove. A slew of killer bands such as Impending Doom, Demon Hunter and zYnthetic lend their talents to the collection of 23 tracks. The chaos really turns up a notch when the tunes get started within each scene of utter mayhem and you will find yourself head banging like a madman in no time as you explode dozens of skulls while trying to escape from getting your feet eaten off at the ankles.

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Five Stars
KILLING FLOOR 2 – Video Game

Developer: Tripwire Interactive
Distributor: Iceberg Interactive
Director: Bill Munk
Artist: David Hensley
Engine: Unreal Engine 3
Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 4

Release date(s) Microsoft Windows (early access)
WW April 21, 2015


KILLING FLOOR 2 – Soundtrack
Five Stars
(Solid State Records/2015)

1. Murderer by Impending Doom
2. Something More by Living Sacrifice
3. Infected by Demon Hunter
4. By the Throat by zYnthetic
5. Kill or Be Killed by Rocky Gray
6. Image Corruptor by zYnthetic
7. Made for War by Bruce Fitzhugh & Jeremiah Scott
8. Prey for the Wicked by zYnthetic
9. We Don’t Care by Demon Hunter
10. Clone Mutation by Rocky Gray
11. Bitter End by Fit for a King
12. Death Marches by zYnthetic
13. Rendezvous Point by zYnthetic
14. Ravenous Disease by Impending Doom
15. Hydra by zYnthetic
16. Despair (feat. Dave Peters of Throwdown) by Living Sacrifice
17. Collapsing (feat. Björn Speed Strid of Soilwork) by Demon Hunter
18. Foreign Bodies by zYnthetic
19. Incarnate by zYnthetic
20. Not I by Demon Hunter
21. Recombinant by zYnthetic
22. Death by Demon Hunter
23. Aftermath by zYnthetic