June 14, 2024

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American death metal band, HORRENDOUS, has dropped the new album “Anareta” in 2015 via Dark Descent Records and the collection of eight songs definitely live up to my expectations. The first cut “The Nihilist” gutted me with it’s brooding sound of pure darkness. The band is comprised of Damian Herring and Matt Knox on guitars & vocals, both sharing bass duties, plus Jamie Knox on Drums. Up next is my personal favorite “Ozymandias”, which totally slayed me with it’s creepy ass sounding riff.

The third track is “Siderea”, an instrumental that is three minutes in length and is pretty cool, though you aren’t going to hear a shredding guitar solo, it’s still well written enough to keep your interest. Following next is the slower tempo’d “Polaris”. The guitar solo on this one is a bit more ambitious but still not anything of epic nature. My only complaint is I think the drums could have been recorded more effectively in the studio, to allow for louder punch from the snare and bass drum. The next cuts are still nonetheless ass kicking. “Acolytes”, “Sum of All Failures”, and “Stillborn Gods” take the production to the next level, employing more up tempo beats and out of this world jamming. The closing tune entitled “The Solipsist (Mirrors Gaze)” features the most impressive guitar playing and is the perfect way to end a solid effort. While fans of technical death probably won’t be all that impressed, I think most into this sub-genre will find it enjoyable.


HORRENDOUS – “Anareta” (CD)

(Dark Descent Records/2015)

1 – The Nihilist
2 – Ozymandias
3 – Siderea
4 – Polaris
5 – Acolytes
6 – Sum of All Failures
7 – Stillborn Gods
8 – The Solipsist (Mirrors Gaze)