June 13, 2024

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CRADLE OF FILTH – Seek Support Acts For “Inquisitional Tourture” Shows


CRADLE OF FILTH has set up an online competition with various partners in Europe and the U.K. in order to find suitable support bands for the upcoming “Inquisitional Tourture” in October/November.

If you feel your band has what it takes to open for Dani & his crew of hellhounds, surf to this location and fill out the form to take part. Commented mainman Dani Filth:

“This is a really cool idea that has worked for us previously touring in Australia, wherein Ne Obliviscaris won a slot, and now they’re special guests to the entire tour and playing festivals all round the globe. It is also reminiscent of the chance we were given by others to play in our early days as a band, so it’s an honour to pass the opportunity onto fresh talent.

“Plus we get to check out a huge bunch of up and coming music, as do the magazines sponsoring this, so all-in-all its a win/win situation. That is of course unless you lose! Still, worth the punt methinks, these shows are going to be adrenaline-fuelled rushes of pure raucous Metal insanity, for sure!”

Source: metalunderground