June 22, 2024

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HUNTRESS – Forced To Drop Off Tour With AVATAR


HUNTRESS has been forced to withdraw from the upcoming tour with Avatar, Gemini Syndrome, and First Decree due to vocalist Jill Janus’ health.

She released the following statement: “”Two months ago I had major surgery and ever since I have been eager to get back on stage. On August 26th, Huntress played a sold-out show in Los Angeles at Loaded. The performance was incredible, my voice is strong, and I felt so happy to be back on stage. After the show, I had complications from surgery that left me in severe pain.

“Although I am now cancer-free, I am clearly not yet healed properly. Due to doctor’s orders, Huntress will be unable to join the tour we were so looking forward to this September with Avatar, Gemini Syndrome and First Decree.

“In one month, I will celebrate the return of my beast mode on the Motorhead Motorboat Cruise (September 28th- October 2nd), as it will take one more month to properly heal from surgery. I’m so excited for the release of our new album Static on (September 25th) and the amazing music video debut of ‘Sorrow’ coming in a few weeks. Huntress will announce new tour dates soon and I can’t wait to meet our fans at many more shows to come! Sending my love to all my Creatures!”

Huntress recently released a lyric video for the track “Flesh”, from their third studio album, Static, to be released via Napalm Records on September 25th.

Says vocalist Jill Janus: “’Flesh’ is catchy and hard rock, it’s lusty and bloody, a blackened-party metal make out song. When my bandmates brought me the killer composition, I wrote the lyrics as my storyline unfolded like bizarre film noir. A female serial killer who would transform into a demonic seamstress, preying upon women. She desires their flesh for fashion. Once again, I’ve collaborated with the immensely talented Vance Kelly to bring my story to life. Our telepathic artistic connection has created a twisted romantic lyric video for a summer of lust. Enjoy!”

Source: BW&BK