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CHILDREN OF BODOM – Tour Kicks Off In Philadelphia; Review, BW&BK Photo Gallery Available

With a set that sampled material throughout their career, and featured a few surprises, they opened ‘Hate Me’, the setlist was as follows: ‘Children Of Decadence’, ‘Chokehold’, ‘Six Pounder’, the strobe filled ‘Living Dead Beat’, the green lights heralded ‘Are You Dead Yet?’, where the silver panels behind the band flashed C.O. B. ala KISS’ heyday, ‘Children Of Bodom’, ‘Needled 24/7’, ‘Angels Don’t Kill’, ‘We’re Not Gonna Fall’, the unanticipated ‘Mask Of Sanity’ (!), ‘Deadnight Warrior’, ‘Kissing The Shadows’, ‘In Your Face’ and the concluding ‘Downfall.’ Certainly not an ass-kissing, Americanized running order!

For a BW&BK Photo Gallery of the event head here.