July 21, 2024

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Las Vegas doom metal band, DEMON LUNG, unleash “A Dracula” in 2015, offering up eight dark cuts, based around the 1977 Juan Lopez Moctezuma directed forro film Alucarda. Produced by Billy Anderson (Neurosis), the listener is treated to a solid collection of sludge-tastic riffs and Black Sabbath-influenced songwriting. The first few tracks, “Rursumque Alucarda”, “Behold, The Daughter” and “I Am Haunted” set the table for what is a truly disturbing yet fascinating musical ride. “Wont you die for me?”, sings vocalist Shanda Fredrick. The lead singer oozes a soulful sadness in her delivery that is quite eerie. Particularly on track four’s totally haunting “Gypsy Cursem”. The melancholy wail of this woman will send shivers down your spine it is that freaky. Phil Burns and Brent Lynch on guitars don’t give you anything too fancy but leave just enough meat on the bone for any fan of the heavy shit to dig into. The rhythm section is handled skillfully by Jason Lamb on bass and Jeremy Brenton on drums. Up next comes “Deny The Savior”, “Mark Of Jubilee”, and “Rursumque Adracula”, delivering more darkened gloom in its truest form. The album concludes with the rocking song “Raped By The Serpent” and I feel any major lover of doom or sludge will want to add “A Dracula” to their collection.


DEMON LUNG – “A Dracula” (CD)

(Candlelight Records/2015)

1. Rursumque Alucarda
2. Behold, The Daughter
3. I Am Haunted
4. Gypsy Cursem
5. Deny The Savior
6. Mark Of Jubilee
7. Rursumque Adracula
8. Raped By The Serpent