June 14, 2024

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TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION – Vocalist Comments On Rumored PANTERA Reunion: ‘There’s Humongous, Gigantic Money On The Table For That Tour’

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Big Dad Ritch, the vocalist of TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION, recently interviewed with Phoenix New Times and discussed many topics, including the rumored PANTERA reunion. Read HERE. Here are a few excerpts:

PNT: I was talking with someone the other day about band reunions. People either love them or hate them. What are your thoughts on the “Pantera” reunion if the band had Zakk Wylde on guitar?

BDR: Man, you know, um, I just um, I think that Vinnie probably wants to um… I don’t want to say tarnish, you know what I mean? But some football players stay a little past their prime, like Aaron Smith staying a year or two past playing for the Arizona Cardinals, that shouldn’t have happened. Or Tony Dorsett left to play for the Denver Broncos. If you have great stats as a baseball player, you’re hitting over .300 for your career, you don’t want to go back and disappoint. And I think that’s the way some of those guys look at it.


But from where I’m at, I hear a lot of rumors. I know there’s humongous, gigantic money on the table for that tour. It would be bought out like crazy and would sell out. Even with Zakk in the spot, and he’s a pretty great guitar player, nobody could fill Dimebag’s shoes on the planet. I think if it happens, I would support all those guys. I don’t think that Rex, Vinnie or Phil are in it for the money, so we know that won’t be the reason they do it. It will be from their hearts.


PNT: You guys constantly talk about how rock isn’t in as bad shape as the radio makes it out to be. What’s your favorite new band, or a musician that’s been impressing you as of late?

BDR: Man I really like, right now, the Sons of Texas quite a bit. They are really impressing me with what they’re doing. You know, I can dig some of that. Upon a Burning Body on the heavier inside, another Texas band, some great music comes out of Texas. I might get stuck on that sometimes and expand beyond the great state! Laughter.