July 19, 2024

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ROCKET REVIEW: BIO-CANCER – “Tormenting The Innocent” (CD)


Greek thrashers BIO-CANCER unleash their second album, “Tormenting the Innocent,” on March 24th, 2015 via Candlelight Records. The follow-up to their 2012 self-released debut “Ear Piercing Thrash”, this collection of all out slamming, punk-fast rockers will surely get your adrenaline pumping. Vocalist Lefteris sounds like a cross between Animal from The Muppets and someone with a really bad throat cold.
Thanasis and Stavros on guitars churn out super fast riffs, while bassist Giannis and
drummer Tomek hold down the manic, out for blood rhythm section.

It all kicks off with the totally wicked “Obligated to Incest”, and the speeding like a meth’d out maniac title track “Tormenting the Innocent, the guitar soloing included is as frenetic sounding as it gets. There is nothing here that sounds copycat or like it’s trying to be another early MEGADETH clone. These cats are totally unique for a thrash band and that’s what I dig about them. Up next is “Bulletproof”, that finds the chaos going to another level completely, only to be outdone by “Boxed Out”, and “F(r)iends or Fiends”.

Things do not mellow out at all at any point and the album concludes with “Think!”, “Chemical Castration”, “Haters Gonna…Suffer!”, and “Life is Tough (So am I)”. If I have one complaint it’s that there isn’t more slowed down, instrumental parts that allow for a heavy groove with vocals to follow. It pretty much just hits you over the head with blastbeat and raspy screams at high speed from start to finish. Which is cool, but a more mature and technical band would be able to accomplish a bit more creativity as songwriters whereas these kids right now pretty much are just out to show they can scare you with how fast they go but don’t fully deliver on the ultimate song potential. I do expect bigger things from them as they develop in the future. I definitely will add this disc to my collection because it certainly put a smile on my face.


BIO-CANCER – “Tormenting The Innocent” (CD)

(Candlelight Records/2015)

1. Obligated to Incest
2. Tormenting the Innocent
3. Bulletproof
4. Boxed Out
5. F(r)iends or Fiends
6. Think!
7. Chemical Castration
8. Haters Gonna…Suffer!
9. Life is Tough (So am I)