July 21, 2024

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ROCKET REVIEW: VENOM – “From The Very Depths” (CD)

TMD Rocks!

Legendary speed metal band VENOM slams down their fourteenth studio album entitled “From The Very Depths” in 2015 and it is without a doubt one of their finest releases in years. Bassist/vocalist Conrad “Cronos” Lant will kick your ass up and down the street with his ‘straight from Hades’ vocal delivery on the first two crushers “From the Very Depths” and “The Death of Rock ‘N’ Roll”. Guitarist La Rage is simply on fire on each track and up next the stellar “Smoke” grabs the listener by the skull with its totally hypnotic and full-throttle heavy metal groove. Drummer Danny “Danté” Needham sounds like a monster all throughout, and the album production is on another level. But my personal favorite is “Long Haired Punks”, “Screaming Loud, fucked up and drunk, Cronos roars, “We’re long haired punks!”

The musicianship on “From The Very Depths” is absolutely slaying and will have you head banging out of control, because this is the most pissed off I have ever heard this band. Just when you think you can’t handle another one, they break off “Stigmata Satanas”, which has a really fat, bass heavy sound that will blow everyone away. Following next is the haunting “Crucified”, “Evil Law” and pummeling “Grinding Teeth”. The out of this world technical guitar solo on the latter is worth the price of admission alone. I have been listening to this band since my older brother introduced me to them when I was only 11 years old in 1981 via their “Welcome To Hell” release and this album for me will go down as a crowning achievement for a band that is the pioneer of extreme heavy metal music.

The album does not lose any momentum on the final collection of cuts “Ouvuture” (instrumental), “Mephistopheles”, “Wings of Valkyrie”, and “Rise”. Each track on “From The Very Depths” stands out as being brilliant in its own way. I think the listener, like myself, will have a hard time picking a favorite song. VENOM’s “From The Very Depths” will go down as a classic and is already the front runner for best metal album of the year at THE METAL DEN.

Rocket Rules!

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VENOM – “From The Very Depths”


1 – Eruptus
2 – From the Very Depths
3 – The Death of Rock N Roll
4 – Smoke
5 – Temptation
6 – Long Haired Punks
7 – Stigmata Satanas
8 – Crucified
9 – Evil Law
10 – Grinding Teeth
11 – Ouvuture
12 – Mephistopheles
13 – Wings of Valkyrie
14 – Rise