June 20, 2024

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 Demolition Faction

 TMD Rocks!

Dover, Delaware's DEMOLITION FACTION has unleashed an explosive sophomore release, in follow-up to 2004's "The Damage Is Done" debut, with a collection of nine "take-no-prisoner" tracks that are set to go off like dynamite in your ears. Recorded and mixed by John Wyman at Halo Studios, "Hasten The Apocalypse" is an all-out "Goddamn Electric" display of old school thrash-style guitar playing from Steve Callaway and Mike Valerio, with the Phil Anselmo-inspired vocal intensity of Jay Hackney, led down the twisted road of ultimate heavy music purgatory thanks to one singularly destroying, non-stop double-bass drumming performance from Eric Kelley. Featuring the stalwart ass-kickers : 'Spoils Of War', 'Plague Of Seasons' and 'Psychopath Incarnate', the album is unrelenting in its all-out end of the world rampaging. The group understands that good songwriting is what truly wins the war, spitting out a steady diet of mean as all hell tracks here – one from the next, dressed meticulously in Callaway/Valerio's machine-gun-like chugger-riffs and Mark Stevenson's assaulting at the literal low end bass parts. The overall product for the listener is definitely above par for the course, being that the mixes for this record were sent to James Murphy (of Death and Testament fame) at The Safehouse Productions for mastering. All in all, this is a very effecitve debut and DEMOLITION FACTION is a band to keep your eyes on for sure. This reviewer finds them to be one of the more promising unsigned talents to emerge from the American underground metal scene in recent memory. 






"Hasten The Apocalypse"



1. Insolentia

2. Spoils Of War

3. Wrong Side Of God

4. Plague Of Seasons

5. Fallen

6. Hasten The Apocalypse

7. Divine Humanity

8. Psychopath Incarnate

9. Our Last Hour