June 13, 2024

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JASON BECKER – Releases New Album


TMD Rocks!  

"It’s been awhile but I’m sure you know that I am not the most prolific when it comes to posting. I wanted to catch everyone up with what I have been up to the past few months. Well first of all I have been practising (as usual) trying to keep my technique improving and writing new riffs and pieces. While I had the summer pretty much free I took the opportunity to vacation for a week on a houseboat in Lake Powell (It was definitely needed). The week was filled with wakeboarding, Jet skiing, hiking, and good friends. More recently my girlfriend and I threw a Halloween party. I dressed up as a psychotic clown and looked pretty stupid Ahahahah. Between all of this of course I have been heading down to Vic’s Garage, getting the studio up and running and starting the writing process with Dave, James and Shawn. At any rate I am looking forward to getting back out on tour and meeting more of you.

"PS in case it’s not painfully obvious, I am horrible at wakeboarding, but I thought it would be funny and this is why I play guitar for a living Ahahahhaa."