July 13, 2024

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ROCKET Interviews John Corabi


John Corabi has been a member of many bands over the years, including ANGORA, THE SCREAM, MÖTLEY CRÜE, UNION, ESP, and RATT. He released his debut solo record in 2012 via Rat Pak Records. A totally ‘unplugged’ effort, the album only begins to scratch the surface of Corabi’s immense rock talent. He has put a lot of mileage into this game, yet, undoubtedly, still has the same passion today for making music as he did when he first started out.

The Metal Den’s Randy “Rocket” Cody has conducted an EXCLUSIVE interview with vocalist/guitarist John Corabi for TMD’s loyal following of DEN HEADZ all across the globe!


ROCKET: When did you first realize you wanted to dedicate your life to music?

JOHN: Probably around the age of 12-13. I started to get into The Beatles, and Led Zeppelin, as well as David Bowie, Aerosmith, Grand Funk etc… Learning those groups songs, and performing them was such a blast at that time.

ROCKET: Can you recall your first rock concert?

JOHN: Yes. I went to see Bachman Turner Overdrive, with Wet Willie, and Bob Seger, at the Philadelphia convention center.


ROCKET: How about the first band you ever joined or formed? 

JOHN: LOL. That was a band I was a part of, for my grade school talent show. I think I was in 4-5th grade? We won, so we were pretty good I imagine… either that or everybody else just sucked… hahahaha.

ROCKET: Do you remember the first song you played live to a crowd?

JOHN: “House Of The Rising Sun” by The Animals, at the talent show.

ROCKET: You replaced Vince Neil in Motley Crue in the 90’s. I know you get a ton of these same questions over the years concerning this topic. But what I want to know is would you do it all over again or would you have been better off you think not going down that road and joining such a famous rock band?

JOHN: You really must understand, that when Motley called me, they were one of the biggest bands in the world. So, I would probably go back in time, and do the exact same thing!!! I had a blast working with the guys, and I’m extremely proud of what we did musically.


ROCKET: I understand you are not in touch with any of your old band mates in Crue any longer. Do you have any thoughts on their recent decision to retire?

JOHN: I actually speak with Mick quite a bit. Mick and I have remained good pals throughout the years, and I think that they’re retiring on TOP, which is always sooooo much better then burning out and fading away.

ROCKET: You have been in a bunch of bands over the years. So I am sure this next question will be difficult. What is your favorite song – that you have written – to perform live?

JOHN: Depends on if I’m playing electrically, or acoustically. Electrically I would say “Man In The Moon”…Acoustically…”Father, Mother, Son, or Misunderstood”.


ROCKET: Let’s talk about your debut solo album that was released in November of 2012 via Rat Pak Records. Are you satisfied with how it turned out and how has the reaction been overall?

JOHN: I’m very pleased at the reaction. Ratpak has done a great job supporting me, and getting my name back out there again. We’re all very excited about the future.

ROCKET: I loved it! And I hope to hear much more solo work from you in the future. What new music are you working on now? And will a second solo album be coming?

JOHN: I’m actually in the process of writing some material for a new ELECTRIC record…so hopefully, I’ll have something out new this year.

ROCKET: What kind of guitars are you currently playing live and in the studio?

JOHN: I recently started working with a guitar company called DBZ guitars…They’re great classic looking guitars, and they sound great too.

ROCKET: What kind of amps?

JOHN: I use Diamond Amps, and I use the Spitfire model!!!! Great amps…plus they go to 11!!!!!

ROCKET: How do you get warmed up before a gig?

JOHN: I just do a few vocal warm ups, and I never drink before a show…but AFTER…. it’s ON!!!!!

ROCKET: Who are some of the new hard rock/metal bands that are out today that you are impressed by?

JOHN: Kings Of Leon, Rival Sons, but mainly my IPOD is full of the classics….NEVER get tired of Zep, Sabbath, Aerosmith etc…


ROCKET: What is the one piece of advice you would give to someone that is starting out today in the rock music business with the goal of becoming a star?

JOHN: Never sign ANYTHING without the advice from a great LAWYER, and surround yourself with good people that will always give you sound, honest advice.

ROCKET: Do you ever see yourself retiring from touring and playing for crowds? 


ROCKET: What are some of the upcoming shows fans need to watch out for?

JOHN: Anything near them… come down and have a bit of fun!!!! But mainly the MONSTERS OF ROCK CRUISE, and the M3 Festival!!!!

ROCKET: Thanks very much for rocking this out with me. It’s an honor! Best of luck with your music. Any last words for your fans?

JOHN: Hope to see you all in 2014!!!!!! And thank you all for all of your support throughout the years!!!! Peace, Crabby