June 16, 2024

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GRIMUS – Premiere New Song


Surviving within the filth-ridden trenches of Elizabeth, New Jersey, contemptuous quintet GRIMUS this week unloads several new doses of their animosity towards humanity hailing from their debut full-length, Omnicide.

GRIMUS has premiered the second single to be released from the nearly thirty-six minute onslaught of Omnicide, with an exclusive stream of the album’s fifth hymn, “The Vulture” — a face-removing excursion in downtuned, anti-human politics — through underground scene-supportive New Noise Magazine, now playing at THIS LOCATION.

Additionally, following the release of Omnicide’s first single, the album opener “Without Master” — initially premiered last month via Lambgoat– this week a visual encounter with GRIMUS drummer JP Andrade (also of Winfaerer, Allegaeon) showcasing his blast patterns is up at SickDrummer RIGHT HERE.

A thirty-six minute onslaught of blasting and grooving barbarity, Omnicide was tracked and mixed by guitarist Marco Bobadilla at Crimson Recording and mastered by Alan Douches (Cannibal Corpse, Beneath the Massacre, Job For A Cowboy etc.) at West West Side Music. Omnicide is a testament to man’s inherent, bloodthirsty nature and audacity to alter his surroundings, through efficient forms of destruction, and a soundtrack to “the age of none.” Spawned of death metal masters Bloodbath, Hate Eternal and Behemoth yet with the cutting edge stylings of The Acacia Strain and Whitechapel, all backed with a strong NJ hardcore flow, GRIMUS is an act who will appeal to diehards of crushing, nihilistic death metal both old and new.

GRIMUS will self-release Omnicide on June 25 2013, preceded by a hometown record release show in Elizabeth just days before and another gig on Staten Island a week later, with new live performances to be announced in the coming weeks.

6/22/2013 – E&A Entertainment and Hall – Elizabeth, NJ
6/28/2013 – The NYC Arts Cypher – Staten Island, NY

“From the deep, guttural vocals straight from the bowels of hell to the razor sharp guitar riffs and precision blastbeat drum work, Grimus has everything that a death metal fan could ever dream up in their worst nightmares. Grimus’ strength definitely lies in their musicianship with their song breakdown right behind.” – Wicked Channel

“If you’re of the opinion that deathcore is ‘all played out,’ then you obviously haven’t had the chance to listen to Grimus. Omnicide does nothing but engulf any misconceptions about the genre that the listener might have, disemboweling them with gut-splitting slams and bone-shattering breakdowns. The sheer amount of heaviness prevalent on Omnicide is hard to put into words… 10/10 (And I wish I could give it more)” – New-Transcendence

“If you are a fan of Bloodbath, The Acacia Strain, Behemoth, Beneath the Massacre, or Whitechapel, you will enjoy Grimus.” – New Noise