June 22, 2024

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ROCKET REVIEW: PROVEN “Truth Reign Supreme” (CD-EP)


Portland, Oregon’s Proven set a lofty goal for themselves when embarking on the production of this DIY album. They are a relatively new hardcore band looking – like the rest – to quickly put themselves into the realm of the Hatebreed’s & Sick Of It All’s of the world: true heavy music that still remains relevant amid the poppy crossover emo trend that has done nothing but give the venerable genre a black eye, along with magically getting kids to beg their parents for twenty bucks so they can hit Hot Topic to buy their very first studded belt.

Well, Proven did what anyone would do with this serious of a mission statement and a couple credit cards: they secured the services of a very well known producer in the legendary Billy Graziadei of Biohazard fame and flew him out to record with them at Jackpot Studios in Portland. Not a bad move to make for a completely unknown group of musicians who pretty much grew up admiring and respecting the seminal heavy music act, only to now all these years later be making an attempt at throwing their own hat into the ring.

Like Sick Of It All’s Call to Arms, Proven’s approach on Truth Reign Supreme is not whiny, melodic hardcore but melodic hardcore that remains loyal to the tradition of what classic Hardcore is all about.  The brutal opener, “Heaven,” sets the tone immediately with its old school gang chorus and impressive breakdowns. You won’t be disappointed to hear Billy Graziadei himself making a guest vocal appearance on “The Compromise” or the bouncing call-and-answer shouts and double-bass assault on “This War” & “Bond”. But it’s clearly the thunderous “Pack It Up” that will leave the most lasting impression on the listener with its undeniable recognition of what came before them as they now step up with devil horns raised high in the air, more than ready to dominate.

THE COMPROMISE (Featuring Billy Graziadei of Biohazard, Suicide City)