July 13, 2024

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ROCKET REVIEW: VANMAKT – Vredskapta Morkersagor (CD)



The working man’s Dimmu Borgir has released a debut collection of songs that convincingly hits the mark each time. With a grim, terrifying anti-Judeo Christian view of mankind and religion, Vredskapta Mörkersagor, released on Singapore’s Pulverised Records, is simply unrelenting in its purely satanic stance and highly bombastic composition. Comprised of the very best black metal musical elements ala harrowing singing, a machine gun-like rhythmic section of Vladr on bass guitar and the mutant-like drumming from Graal all tied to the blood-thirsty twin guitar work of Aamoth and Satygh.

From its melodic and heavy opening track “The First Key” to the gruesomely brooding “My Darkest Hate” and “Death Upon Death”, Vanmakt’s vocalist Gorgoth is about as frightening as it gets, screaming hellspawned lyrics such as: “The final battle has begun” and “Tear their souls apart”. Vredskapta Mörkersagor surprisingly does not somehow fall victim to the usual heavy-handed approach of most up and coming evil acts, by not reeling off as nothing new to the most loyal of the genres devoted.

Through its deeply afflicted “opposition to society”, Vredskapta Mörkersagor pays off big in the most important aspect of this type of musical expression I feel with its overall ability to take you to a very dark place, locking you away with your own disturbing thoughts to figure out all of life’s insanity for yourself.

1: The First Key
2: Sanguine Craving
3: Förkastelse Av Jesu Tro
4: My Darkest Hate
5: Diaboli Iubeo
6: Para Vindicta
7: Open The Gates
8: Death Upon Death
9: En Mardröm, En Strid, Ett Helvete
10: Prince Mephisto
11: A New Satanic Era

Recorded & Mixed by: Vanmakt & Gabriel Jensen
Produced by: Vanmakt
Mastered by: Peter In De Betou