July 21, 2024

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Hallways Of The Always

A Masturbatory Aid For The Enthusiastically Violent


1. Longevity
2. Wet Nightmare Part 1
3. Rubber Woman
4. Memoirs of a Streetwalker
5. Secret Handshake
6. Crushing
7. Wet Nightmare Part 2
8. A Small Town in Purgatory
9. Trapped in a Dark Room
10. Death is Her Life
11. Wet Nightmare Part 3
12. The Madness
13. The Candy Factory

If Ministry was a death metal band its name would be Hallways Of The Always. Inspired by Charles Manson’s song “The Hallways of the Always”, HOTA is led by vocalist David Stitchez. A Masturbatory Aid For The Enthusiastically Violent is abut as heavy, lurid and flatout disturbing as it gets in recorded music, basically breaking down to ten seriously creeped-out radio-length songs with three programmed preludes that make your skin crawl and then some. The imagery and thoughts derived from this collection of highly intricate grindcore songs injected with some perfectly laid re-sampling of sick fetish sounds sits somewhere between a serial killer’s vicious mind and a young tortured victim locked down to an industrial cutting device wondering why there’s fresh blood running down the walls. If you’ll please excuse the pun, “AMAFTEV” has three killer standout tracks with “Rubber Woman”, “Secret Handshake” and “Death Is Her Life”, which itself starts out with a woman’s hardly soothing voice, asking the ever important question: “Do you ever fantasize about being killed?” After listening to this album and its pummeling onslaught of body-parts are flying blastbeats and mechanized monster riffs, I believe anyone with a heartbeat will be hard pressed not to entertain these types of morbid thoughts and that in itself makes A Masturbatory Aid For The Enthusiastically Violent one beguiling work of art.

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