February 28, 2024

The Metal Den

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DOWN – Rex Brown Quit?


More drama from the PANTERA/DOWN camp. This time it looks like bassist Rex Brown no longer wants to rock with his longtime band mate Philip H. Anselmo. Though no official statement has been made by Brown, which is really uncool of him to do to the fans… and the rocking dudes in DOWN. The old four string assassin says he won’t return to metal super group DOWN because he’s concentrating on his new ‘we are trying too hard to be a super act’ KILL DEVIL HILL (which TMD has listened to already, and thinks Brown is making the worst musical decision of his career by joining this lineup) – but in the end, it’s the old man’s choice to make. If he is indeed out of DOWN, perhaps CROWBAR bass player Pat Bruders, who has temporarily replaced Brown on recent tour dates, will now become his new full-time replacement.