July 13, 2024

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VAN HALEN Opening Night Review From Charlotte!

VH storm the stage at 8:30 sharp. You really got me. Crowd goes nuts. Followed by Im the one, which is a surprise as Romeos Delight was believed to be the 2nd song. Dave sounds Great. Eddie is on fire. I guess sobriety agrees with him.

Running with the Devil is on now, Holy shit, wolfie is pounding the bass and his harmonies are spot on! Dave’s not exactly hitting the high notes but no one cares. VAN HALEN IS BACK!

They are are stopping after every song and Dave is being Dave, scatting and ramblng on like only Dave can.

Somebody get me a doctor,Beautiful Girls, and Dance the night away were all stellar.

Atomic Punk is followed by Everybody wants some. Seems like the first 40 minutes of the VH reunion is a success. The set list is a VH fan’s wet dream. Alex is pounding the kit like it’s 1978 and Wolfie has the energy of a teenager…wait he is one! Nothing like your first gig ever to be in front of 15,000 of David Lee Roth’s closest firends! Wolf has been using every inch of the stage, if the tour lasts he may shed that baby fat yet!

It’s pretty shocking that Eddie is not using a wireless set up on his guitar and is staying pretty close to the mic to help with the backing vox.

Pretty Woman followed by Alex’s drum solo. For a nearly 60 year old dude he is fucking incredible.

Unchained was next and it gave dave time for a wardrobe change. Eddie is incredible. All guitar players should learn from the master. He’s sober and no one can touch him! Great touch as Wolfie chimes in with the gimme a break line. This show is one for the ages!

I’ll wait includes a hidden synth/keyboard player, but that can be forgiven, as we can also forgive Eddie for messing up a bit during the song, because this is VAN FUCKIN HALEN.

Call FEMA, Charlotte has been devastated by hurricane VAN HALEN.
Hot for Teacher, every school boy’s dream has the sold out arena in a frenzy.
Little Dreamer a long lost classic has the crowd go apeshit, and then Secrets followed. If you have ears you will have a good time at this show.

Time to slow things down. Dave and his acoustic guitar, reminicing about high school in 1972 and Ice cream. That’s right Ice Cream Man, complete with Dave using a headset, leading right into Panama! This night will surely go down in the history books as the night good ol’ fashioned Hard rock made a comeback.

Little guitars lead into an Eddie Van Halen solo. God damn we are not worthy. Cathedral, followed by Eruption, and if that wasn’t enough Ain’t Talkin bout love. Pay attention kiddies this is how it’s done. 2 hours so far, all killer, no filler.

Band takes a bow, hiding behind the stage, Will there be more…

Disco ball drops from ceiling in middle of the arena…. the familiar strains of 1984 start then Jump. Crowd is going ballistic. Dave busts out the kendo stick during the solo, rides that ridiculous inflateable mic, confetti drops and thats all folks….

Awesome show, crowd lapped it up. Set was well paced. Not as loud as you would think. Bravo. VAN HALEN is back. Lock up your daughters and wives. Stage set was definitely cool, the speakers were white not black as you would think. Dave changed more times than Cher.

Set list, in order:

You Really Got Me
I’m The One
Runnin’ With The Devil
Romeo Delight
Somebody Get Me A Doctor
Beautiful Girls
Dance The Night Away
Atomic Punk
Everybody Wants Some
So This Is Love
Mean Street
Pretty Woman (No “Intruder”, same as rehearsal.)
Drum Solo
I’ll Wait
And The Cradle Will Rock
Hot For Teacher
Little Dreamer
Jamie’s Cryin’
Ice Cream Man
Little Guitars
Guitar Solo including Cathedral and Eruption
Ain’t Talkin’ About Love



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Credit: Metal Sludge
Might as well Sludge!