April 23, 2024

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PHILIP H. ANSELMO’s Former Girlfriend Found Dead


Jill Marie Abbott, a former girlfriend of legendary PANTERA/DOWN vocalist, Philip H. Anselmo, was found dead in the Oakland Hills this past Friday. She was only 40 years old. According to San Jose Mercury News, how her naked body got there, and the exact circumstance of how she died remains a mystery. Police said that toxicology results will help them determine whether to rule her death a homicide.

(Abbott pictured with Pantera drum tech Kat Brooks)

Miss Abbott was raised in a Catholic family and despite her bouts with alcohol and stripping over the years, was generally loved by all of her friends within the heavy metal community.


She coincidentally shared late guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott’s last name. Dime always referred to her as “his sister” back in the day when hanging out at shows. She loved Pantera, Corrosion of Conformity and Black Label Society, among others bands in the metal scene that she dearly cherished… along with a passion for NASCAR, drag racing, fishing, and she was also a real big fan of The Metal Den, in particular.

Randy “Rocket” Cody of TMD adds: “Jill had become a fan of The Metal Den early on and told me one time on the phone that I was her favorite heavy metal journalist. I want to salute her with both horns raised for a metal head fallen… and a human being snuffed out way too soon. See you and Dime at the ole Tavern in the sky, sweety!”