July 18, 2024

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Unsigned Band News: ROCKET REVIEW: DYING REGRET – “The Price Of Human Ruin” (CD-EP)



Reviewed By Rocket

San Diego’s Dying Regret have self-released “The Price Of Human Ruin”, a 5 song EP, produced, engineered and mixed by Fred Archambault (Deftones, Avenged Sevenfold, 18 Visions) and  shockingly forged out one of the more purely dynamic sonic onslaughts set down in the studio this reviewer has heard from a new metal band in all of 2007. Mark Haggblad on vocals is a sheer discovery in the first three destructive tracks “Pieces Of Me”, “The Mark” and “Makes Me Stronger”. He is simply shattering, epic and magical in a literal uncanny display of what the modern metal singer should sound like with every word he sings here from verse to chorus, coming off menacing like Lamb Of God’s Blythe at one moment and then next becoming as  melodic as you’ll ever hear today. Point blank, Willie Powell and Ben Lazzaro on guitars are monster shredders with Mike Rawluk showing incredible drum symmetry in his drumming-style and mechanized double bass work tied overall to the perfect low-end play from Wayne Lichte all the way through to the final two songs “Losing In The End” and “Reason To Live”. With really inventive guitar soloing and dark, utterly gripping song structure, Dying Regret’s “The Price Of Human Ruin” pays off big for the true lover of all that is metal.



“The Price Of Human Ruin” (CD-EP)

1. Pieces of Me

2. The Mark

3. Makes Me Stronger

4. Losing In The End

5. Reason To Live