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Kenosha, Wisconsin (USA) thrash metal act LAZARUS A.D. exploded onto the underground metal scene in 2009 with their brilliant Metal Blade records debut entitled “The Onslaught”, effectively proving with a sledge hammer slug to your head why they are a clear harken back to a young METALLICA.

This is just one of those rare albums that gets your head banging uncontrollably, from the grooving like a twister opener “Last Breath” to the final note of the miraculous ”Thou Shall Not Fear”.

The Metal Den’s Randy “Rocket” Cody has conducted an EXCLUSIVE interview with LAZARUS A.D. for TMD’s loyal following of DEN HEADZ all across the globe!

Rocket: How has 2010 been treating you guys?

Dan Gapen: 2010 so far has started off with a bang. We just released the new video for “Absolute Power”. We had a good time shooting the video and I believe it is our best one yet. We also are getting ready to tear it up on the Kreator tour. We are looking forward to partying with all our friends on the road. After that tour we are going to head back into the studio to record the new album, which will be released in the fall.

Rocket: LAZARUS A.D. is signed with Metal Blade Records. How’s that relationship been working
out so far?

Jeff Paulick: It’s been a great experience. We are just a couple of guys from Wisconsin and they gave us a chance to make a career in music. The staff is one of the best to work with and we feel like it’s just one big family.

Rocket: I love ‘The Onslaught’ album. What a great debut! Chris Djuricic produced the tracks.
How long from start to finish did it take to make the entire record?


Dan Gapen: It took us about 2 years to write the album. We really wanted the songs polished when went into studio. The funny thing is it only took us about 2 weeks to record the album. We had those songs down; we could play them in our sleep.


Rocket: Are you guys working on any new material yet?

Alex Lackner: Yes, we have about half of the new songs written for the new album. We also have a few killer tracks in the works. We will spend the rest of spring getting those tight and then it’s into the studio in June.

Rocket: How does the songwriting generally work for this band?

Jeff Paulick: It usually starts with one of us bringing and idea to the table. The rest of us just start adding to it. It’s kind of like a metal stew and after simmer for awhile it’s done.

Rocket: LAZARUS A.D is heading out soon on a North America tour with KREATOR. How excited are
you guys for those dates?

Dan Gapen: It’s going to be blast we have been looking forward to this tour since we got the call. I mean come on its Kreator who wouldn’t be excited. I would have to say it’s going to be one big party with fans and the bands on this tour.

Rocket: Who are some of the other ‘new era’ thrash acts that you guys enjoy?

Ryan Shutler: We would have to say we really like Evile, Syslosis, Havok , & Warbringer to name a few. Really looking forward to touring with all of those bands in the future.

Rocket: What do each of you feel is the biggest moment this band has experienced
so far?

Alex Lackner: Right now at this point of our short careers we would have to say the biggest moment for LaZarus AD was playing LOUDPARK in Japan. Playing a festival with Megadeth, Slayer, Judas Priest , Rob Zombie just to name a few was sick as fuck. Not to mention all the fans in Japan made us feel right at home. We can’t wait to go back to Japan and blow the fucking roof of the fucker….

Rocket: Do you guys care if you ever have an album that sells a million copies?

Dan Gapen: That would be awesome to sell a million records. Any band that tells you different is a liar. Right not I don’t see that happening with all the illegal downloading. The music business is really fucked up right now and until it evolves it’s going to be a rough ride for everyone.

Rocket: What is each band mates favorite brand of beer?


Jeff Paulick: I would have to say right now we are happy to drink any kind of free beer while on tour. Of course we all have our favorites though. Dan is drinking Franzikhner at the moment whatever that is. Ryan will pretty much drink anything in a beer bottle or can. Alex is a Miller Lite guy cuz it’s less filling and I am currently drinking Blue Moon.

Rocket: Which album do each of you prefer? Metallica’s ‘Death Magnetic’ or Megadeth’s ‘Endgame’?

Ryan Shutler: Its close but we have always been huge Metallica fans and we felt “Death Magnetic” edge out “Endgame” this time. Both albums are great and in truth it’s just great to see two band who you grew up idolizing still making killer music and tearing it up out on tour.

Rocket: Here’s a hypothetical, Dave Mustaine calls you up and wants to bring LAZARUS A.D out on tour BUT you have to be well behaved ‘offstage’ or face getting kicked off said tour. Do you keep your act together or try and show Dave that you can be rowdier than he was in Metallica? LOL

Alex Lackner: We are a professional band trained in the art of partying. We are fun to be around when we are partying we know how to have a good time. Some people act like assholes when they have had a few too many cocktails. And if he threw us off for having a good time, well he must be one of those assholes we all know…

Rocket: What do each of you think you’d be doing right now for a living had you not become successful in the music biz?

Dan Gapen: To be honest, I would be working on the docks unloading trucks at a retail store or selling body parts for profit.

Jeff Paulick: College would be my plan if it didn’t work out or maybe I would be a librarian.

Alex Lackner: Professional poker player. I can dream can’t I?

Ryan Shutler: I would be donating blood and sperm for money. I’m sure someone wants a little Ryan nipping at their heels.

Rocket: Thanks very much for rocking this out with me. Best of luck with your music! Go ahead and give a
shout out to your biggest supporters.

Jeff: We all would just want to thank everyone at Metal Blade Records, Red Rocket Entertainment, and our families for believing in us. And of course all the fans that dig our music we couldn’t do it without any of them. Thrash or Die!