July 19, 2024

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ROSSOMETILE – Debut New Single And Lyric Video

Italian symphonic metal band ROSSOMETILE are excited to share their new single and lyric video ” Pasionaria (Frida)“. The song is the third single from their latest album ” Gehenna” released on May 10th, 2024.    

The band commented:

“” Pasionaria” is a tribute to the extraordinary Frida Kahlo, a painter who transformed pain into art. Born and died in this week of July 1907/1954, Frida continues to inspire us with her strength and indomitable spirit.

Frida embodies a pasionaria, a woman with an unwavering commitment to her values and ideals. The song narrates the torment of a woman fighting for her beliefs, for love, against the impairment of her body, and firmly believing in life”.

 The song is now streaming at:


“Gehenna” tracklist:

01. Gehenna
02. Voci Dal Deserto
03. Magdalena
04. Pasionaria (Frida)
05. Sangue e Seduzione
06. La Rosa d’Inverno
07. Dat Melti Min Modir
08. Valhalla
09. Stella del Mattino
10. Geminus
11. Duet With Satan
12. The Dying Mermaid

Album available on: