July 13, 2024

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KATAKLYSM – New Album Details


Canadian death metal act KATAKLYSM has begun writing the follow up to the “Prevail” album. The band has also announced who will handle mixing duties for the next album.

Guitarist J-f Dagenais comments: “I’m really excited to be deep into the writing process for the new Kataklysm album; the band is more focused then ever. This album will be different then ‘Prevail,’ but will still have the classic Kataklysm trademarks and hooks. You will see a much more intricate record then we`ve done in the past. It will contian some really fast and dynamic parts, but we will also aim on a very melodic driven record and it will contain lots of technical parts as well that we haven`t explored much lately. And no worries, the bone crushing grooves are always a must with Kataklysm and will be present. I’ve also seen Maurizio’s lyrics for this album so far and let me tell you that they hit really hard. I know it’s a very personal album to him as he is going through some tough times in his personal life, so I’m not worried on what he will bring to this record. Expect a very real, aggressive and determined Kataklysm album! We know we have set the bar high for ourselves, but we are confident to deliver the goods once again. On the production end I will handle the recording as usual, but for the mix we have decided to enlist Tue Madsen from Denmark. We feel he captured best the band’s sound on ‘In the arms of devastation.’ We feel it’s a winning team and we’re gonna make sure you have the best sounding record to date.”

On X-mas day on the band’s Facebook, Twitter and Myspace pages, Kataklysm vocalist Maurizio Iacono will reveal the band’s new album title. The album is scheduled for release late-summer/early-fall 2010.