July 13, 2024

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ARCH ENEMY – Michael Amott Parts With Randall Amps


ARCH ENEMY/CARCASS guitarist Michael Amott has parted ways with Randall Amplifiers/US Music Corp. The partnership lasted almost three years and included a line of successful “Ninja V2 – Inspired and designed by Michael Amott” series of V2 amps, cabs and practice amps. These products will now be discontinued.

Commented Amott: “I appreciate what Randall did for me while we worked together, but there was a big change in the company recently and it just didn’t feel like home anymore. I’d especially like to thank former US Music Corp. employees Jody Dankberg, Doug Reynolds and the former CEO Rudy Schlacher for their vision, hard work and good times we shared!”

“Both myself and Chris (Amott, Arch Enemy) will be playing whatever we’re interested in trying out for the next couple of tours and we’ll see what comes out of that, the search for the ultimate tone continues!”