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THE ROTTENING – Debut EP “Seeds of Death” CD Pre-Order Available

On April 5th internationally, PERSONAL RECORDS is proud to present THE ROTTENING’s highly anticipated debut EP, Seeds of Death, on CD format.

THE ROTTENING are a Swedish death metal band that started in 2021 when members from the band Intestinal wanted to shred with each other again. They were joined by the frontman of the black metal band Fornhem, and the band took shape. In fact, THE ROTTENING are named after Intestinal’s second (and final) album! After the well-received Ode to Rot demo, the band got together to record their debut EP, Seeds of Death, and the result could not be more pummeling.

No more but definitely no less, the concept behind Seeds of Death is pure Swedish HM-2 death metal, and who better to do so than an actual group of Swedes! Taking primary influence from the almighty Dismember, THE ROTTENING crush and gallop forth like an everflowing stream, wholly indecent and obscene in their massive killing capacity. You may’ve heard Seeds of Death before, but only in pieces. This DEATH METAL after all, and undeniably Swedish, but THE ROTTENING make it re-reborn in blasphemy in a mere 21 minutes: an override of the overture worth overriding again, and again, and again!

Preorder info can be found HERE.